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  1. ''First return the old castle drop system, where there are bloody branches, e.elu, e.ori, castle invites and such." +1 "open all castles so there will be plenty of opportunities for small guilds to grow"~~~> in here maybe an alternative like the alliances of the guild can also go to the castle's
  2. here's my pic when i obtained my bvh xD
  3. Hi guys.. welcome back to me? xD btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERADE..
  4. Jay Jay, I have miths now

  5. already finish mine xD... thank you again for the guide.. ...
  6. hmm i see.. hmm how about the equipts?
  7. Q>What job is better to use? thx..
  8. Jay jay, how to change your Member Title ?

    I want to change mine...

  9. really? i thought it is easy to get to that monster? hehe btw.. i have so many skulls..( before 3rd job ) wahaha.. thx.. for the guide.. *thumbs up
  10. i think it easy to get to the wanderer? hehe btw nice guide.. ^^
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