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  1. wazzup GRO PEOPLE~? haha WTF???? Dami ko nang pinoy na nakikita sa Admin ah.. kamusta po?
  2. ''First return the old castle drop system, where there are bloody branches, e.elu, e.ori, castle invites and such." +1 "open all castles so there will be plenty of opportunities for small guilds to grow"~~~> in here maybe an alternative like the alliances of the guild can also go to the castle's
  3. wooh ang tadtadan ng warning sa forum.. haha panu mabawasan ung warn? @[email protected]
  4. here's my pic when i obtained my bvh xD
  5. Hi guys.. welcome back to me? xD btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERADE..
  6. Jay Jay, I have miths now

  7. LOOOL @topic.. Makipagtrashtalk sa ibang players! THE BEST! ahaha
  8. already finish mine xD... thank you again for the guide.. ...
  9. hmm i see.. hmm how about the equipts?
  10. Q>What job is better to use? thx..
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