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  1. lol @ signature

  2. Black ops!

    1. Lambus



    2. Sawkin
  3. Happy Birthday~

  4. Why don't skulls get dropped in pvp anymore? D:'

    1. Beastboy


      maybe you want to ask my 100+ Skulls i got of some players ? D:

  5. Yeah, that's me. Lol. I finished the headgears from the Sprite Event, and have them all~ If you wanna see 'em, just find me. :3 My IGN is Guinevere.

  6. Was it just me or did I already see someone wearing the bouncing skeggy? o__o

  7. Is it just me? Or a loooot less people use the Brazil National Flag Hat. I feel lame lol

    1. DeatH


      hey! I use it in woe :P Not many sinxes/creos use it now I'm guessing because their buffs, like the faster walk speed and they'd rather use their bvh or something.

      I use it however cause cloaking exceed is useless to me :P

  8. This looks like it'll be fun. I'll join if I can figure out what 12:00 is here lol
  9. reputation +1. Hooray~ xD

  10. I was really really excited about playing on the server when I was still starting out, so I didn't really care what name a I churned out. This was one of the dumb names I made for my characters. I have regretted doing that ever since
  11. mounts look even cooler when they're dead

  12. Thanks for making it! I'm not that confuzled anymore xDD Oh and just to clear things up, you don't need that /bm command anymore?
  13. love the Royal Guard's gryphon O__O

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    2. A n o n y m o u s

      A n o n y m o u s

      It's because they are really fat l3

    3. ~Death Kid~

      ~Death Kid~

      i think theyre fat o.o

    4. Knot


      stfu they are super awesome!! D:' Especially with that butt armor stuff xD

  14. Completed. :)

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