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  1. Always finding myself coming back for some time :P

    1. Abril♥


      Good to have you back!

    2. RainbowPowder


      lol. I'm on and off :P more off than on. lol

  2. Early Merry Xmas Ya'll :)

  3. Should I play RO again? omo omo~

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    2. RainbowPowder
    3. MeIo


      yes! (~_~) ,V,.

    4. RainbowPowder


      xD OK, OK. I'm downloading it now... it takes forever, though.

  4. Slowly fading into grey. Stupid Exams.

    1. RK Neves

      RK Neves

      keep calm powder

    2. RainbowPowder


      Lol, trying to, Dash. :)

  5. Hot Summer. :|

    1. Alexaa


      hot summer~ a hot hot summer~

    2. RainbowPowder


      !!Finally someone who understood my reference! :D

    3. kiss0rkill
  6. Yes, sir, one of a kind~~~ :D

  7. I miss you, Sammy :(

    1. Mirri


      Sorry, I'm too busy with my training course to even consider coming online during the week! But if you have a smartphone and What's App or so maybe you can PM me your number and I'll talk to you that way. ❤

  8. "Everyday is like survival. you're my lover, not my rival~"

  9. I hate mornings .o.;

  10. STALK ME PLZ PLZ :)"

  11. Sleeping with the door open is like... even worse! O_o;; I have a nightmare of roommates. LAWL.
  12. ugh. misunderstood.

  13. I miss you, Lex ;(

    1. Alexaa


      :c aww babe i miss you too!

    2. RainbowPowder
  14. Omg. I just watched Iron man 3. OMFG. Best movie indeed. :D

  15. Some photos from a family event I had last week...^^ anddd... a drawing of my WL (It's a photo, tho ;D!)
  16. HAPPY BDAY ZIE!!! ^___^

  17. Zzzz... u_u" so tired.

  18. B> Megaphones :D" pm ingame :)!

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