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  1. Hi guys. I'm a REAAALLLLYYYY old player. I had played Gathering since the begining, and ragequit when the server got wiped. :/ Lost all my donates and hard earned headgears. Thinking of coming back but.. I got kinda lazy. Is it hard starting out?
  2. i cant believe you forgot me...

  3. *Ahem* like i was saying before /moar emo tears xDDD i fail with a capital PH

  4. Omg sorry i was on Crim's account both of these comments are from kiwi XDD

  5. /moar emo tears

  6. *hugs* You never talk to me either. :< *emo tear*

  7. :o? You never talk to me on msn D:
  8. Oodles of kissies for joooo! <3 *muah*

  9. Thanks! <33 Cristian made it for us. I think it's really sweet.

  10. Cute signature <3

  11. Thank you oodles for making me the signature baby. <33 I love you.

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