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  1. Vyers

    Major Client Update

    That dual clienting is kinda let down oh well. That calls "it" i guess.
  2. Vyers

    Patcher Error

    it is close tho
  3. Vyers

    Patcher Error

    i was patching and continue to get this error along the way "Failed to get 2016-02-07-data_grf_1.thor" and once i tried to open a patcher it starts all over again which takes a while to finish. did i miss out anything?
  4. i'm not talking about loads of zeny probably same with DQ class C or B zeny reward 2 coins or low chance 1 mythical is kinda low to compensate the reward for a 1 day quest but that's just me. or probably not zeny, just some random stuff same one you get from event egg? a bit of extra won't hurt if you ask me.
  5. Kinda wondering is there a chance zeny is added in the reward as well? few zeny won't hurt i guess its kinda worth it as well since we spend like 10m for the octopus hunting stick and such.
  6. is there a list also of possible enchant for emp weapons as well?
  7. Is there any chance to increase the defense of Emperium Shield to 130ish? That's around the same defense as Giant Shield and Cross Shield since i believe the Emperium Shield is only same effect as the Emperium Buckler but has a lower defense and higher weight being a shield for swordsman class only. Shield skills for Royal Guard not only depends on the weight itself but in the Defense, Magic Defense, Weight and Refine making it par with usual Royal Guards shield would make it more appealing for swordsman class job. Hope you consider my suggestion.
  8. thanks everade more power to the team
  9. Vyers

    February Patch

    i was trying to use the go adv and it was saying i am not authorize to warp at this map
  10. I would like to know which is much more updated the item and monster database or the one ingame? it seems like the item description or script within the item database is different in the game for example emp dagger shows 195 attack ingame while the item database in the site shows 190 attack. same goes for the monsters as well some doesn't have drops yet in game it does have drops.
  11. I'm seeing the effects of the likes of adventure set, emp set, and bg set only take effect once you've enter the woe or pvp. can we make it take effect prior entering like during at the woe map and the room before the pvp or bg? since you've be getting a gap in hp or sp once you've enter the woe/pvp and you can't heal inside or so. well just a suggestion if its possible or what not.
  12. Vyers

    December Patch

    does the capping from the world boss treasure chest affects the instance treasure chest? i got bugged by the chest end up getting the daily cap already i'm afraid this might affect the instance dungeon treasure chest prize.
  13. Dear Santa. My ingame name is Sreyv, and my real name is Ralph. I am 25 years old. I've already forgotten how long I've been playing but yeah. Not sure if i'm naughty or not but i do wish for this Christmas is the RTC Winner Hat [1] (Item# 18515). and i hope you consider my wish. Thank you in advance and i wish you a Merry Christmas.
  14. lol no. gym pass wont help him. gym pass increases the weight not the total items you can bring maximum of item per char is around 100 of each. and i mean 100 different types of items.
  15. as far as i could remember there is some so called sealed mvps that gives half effect of the cards or sort like sealed tao? why not add them or so to the shop if u think having tao is way too much? xD just random thoughts tho
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