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  1. Break Break Down, Steady Breakin' me on Down.

  2. Cycle as always. :) and already expected what to say.

  3. Sorry man. I don't see any single free time to play this game. I'll try to get Online. But i can't promise.

  4. iStalk

    Happy Birthday to you :P

  5. nice, love the naruto shippuuden oppening sound track and the video <3

  6. r u OL right now. coz I'm Pm-ing the XnergizEr46??

  7. wow my GL is a GM naw.. Cool >:D gratz mirri, sorry for being inactive ingame, busy IRL., i'll try OL sometimes..

  8. istalk again!, hehehe, yeah i've deleted it sorry2.. i would love to leave a comment here, and i have realized, that i just like to read a comment on my profile by my self., :D hehehe, i miss playing, kinda busy irL. *sad* and can play only every woe 2.0, or fully absent online, I hope my current guild wont just kicked me. /heh

  9. I stalk you.. >:D

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