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  1. lol, i'm fine tho and you?

  2. aha, nah, not quitting. (:

    how're you?

  3. I also just noticed lol, maybe there are some bug in my profile.I gotta talk to someone soon. Hey haven't seen you in awhile, how r u?

  4. yeah shit happens and so what is ur decision now? r u quitting?

  5. Omg, i just noticed you have 259 friends o_O Do you even know them all?

  6. aha, i've just been going through alot of stuff. : it's been really difficult to manage everything.

  7. hmm why nt choose both? I mean you are not always busy right?

  8. XD i meant i don't know if I should quit or not. :

  9. fine~ :3

  10. i'm good how are you?

  11. just be yourself :)

  12. How're youuu?

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