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  1. grb = 3 gtb + 2 kiel + ip[1] + +7vmant[devi] + amon + tgen + OL

  2. 1434... damn it i cant resist not to count
  3. this thread sure is still going huh!? 1419
  4. WUTS HAPPENING??? LEXY???? a hawtie like lexy is no guy.... LOls

  5. you're so stupid im a girl, why the hell would you go around telling people im a boy?

  6. on behald of morted he says farewell to all, he and his family will be leaving tom. (sat. 3/27/10) they are moving in some sort of a province in phil. And live in there for good i dont know if he have an acct. here in forumn so i have decided to say goodbye for him. ^_~ for those who know, care for this guy leave your message for him and ill tell him. Live well mortred.
  7. waw cool, love the silent frost joke
  8. oh man.. I hate this thread! Come back guys... I dont wanna play in this server alone someday T_T
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