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  1. of course.. not. :D

  2. You think I'm a weirdo? 3 QQ. Lol jokes :D

  3. im pretty sure you're not retarded :P but weirdo seems about right. XD

  4. LOLLLL. nice page hahhaa. ♥

  5. :DD? I just finished my profile and about me page lol Sexy no?

  6. aaahhhhhh! :D ♥ *hug*

    bffl! how are you? D:

  7. that didnt make sense, haha.

    police? what? i swear it wasn't me hiding in the bushes that time XD

  8. nooo.......well maybe 8D JOKES! Nah i quit stalking people when the people i stalked called the police gg

  9. LOL anymore, you were just viewing weren't you? XD

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