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  1. Orca


    who would go and kill thana then, i killed around 600 thana still not a single card, where as i bged for week i got +10 weapon, its not only about the Abuse but also about the other mvps cards which would go in the weapon. no1 will buy thoes
  2. there are only few GL who are as loyal as u guys. to be honest when ever i have be in a guild most of the times GL hogs all the castle drops and give only few to his really close friends.
  3. -1, If they open more castle then there would lot of castle drop cause of there the value of god items will decrease or the GMs can reduce the % of castle drops
  4. Orca


    There is Huge Problem with BG these days every time i see atleast 5 double login in each team. because of this there is too much BG badges and glorious Weapon, BG weapons are strong than thana cause of that price of thana is decreasing everyday. people buy and sell B,Badges so much that it would be a type of currency like zeny, even i prefer to buy badges cause they sell easily than mith. i would suggest reduce the power of bg weapons and put a limit on players who can join BG..
  5. Selling Stuffs

  6. i want to change the email id, so what all details should i provide you with?

  7. Still need SOA?

  8. ..............GONE FISHING............

  9. apih

    thx dude...


  10. Hi can u tell me when Thana will be Implement again ?

  11. k deal

    which is ur char

  12. Deal for 7miths

  13. So wat will be ur final offer

  14. 8 miths is bit high deal for 5 miths

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