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  1. Midterm.Midterm.Midterm. God bless everyone :)

  2. Different paths, New set of friends. But no matter how different each day maybe, There is that moment where you look back, Back to those time when we do Stupid things. coz you bring out the best in me, like no one else can do. That's why I'm by your side and that's why I love you~. JenniferJunaMaryRhonamarie

  3. Computer Programming! Practical Exam is OVER!! laag u like? :3

  4. happy birthday :D

  5. I’ll catch you when you fall, I’ll dry your tears when you cry, I’ll lead your way when your lost, I’ll fight away your fears when your scared, but I wont leave your heart in two.I love you guys :) Happy 29th monthsary. Mary Rose VillarmiaJuna Marie FloresJennifer RiscarRhonamarie Kabahar Arcilla

  6. We dont see each other as often as we do, we took diffrnt paths in college but always remmbr, Im always here mai. and I love you Happy 18th birthday Rhonamarie Kabahar Arcilla

  7. Until wen am i gonna keep on trying 2 understand.FOR REAL! I did nd i still am. I told u b4 u pick tht guy over us.Com'on we r not playing tag here,nd its not always tht wenever u want things to go ur way ma susunod.Your living in such a carefree life,FU nd i'd say it a million times if thts wat it takes to wake u up.Im trying to understand not because your my sister, Im gonna do it for mom.

  8. gs2 ko kanta na yan >_

  9. What is this I'm feelin'. I just can't explain. When you're near.I'm not quite the same.I try to hide it.Try not to show it.It's crazy, how could this be...~

  10. Basically, I have nothing to tell you, I dont have any OBLIGATION in telling you the things that i decide for. Those who matter to me would understand. But those people who are as PLASTIC as you are,doesnt matter AT ALL. I told you im at my limits in being nice to you. So dont mess the hell around me, Because i wont say things If i dont have any reasons.

  11. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. Being with you guys is always BEST :)I LOVE YOU imbaLovenianz! Happy birthday again to our beautiful Lady Raquel Abelgas Fuentes. Sore throat+ ubo + no voice = if this what it takes just to be with you guys then i wouldnt mind having them EVERYDAY :D.

  12. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. Being with you guys is always BEST :)I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  13. "If you wanna be my lover,you gotta get with my friends,Make it last forever friendship never ends,If you wanna be my lover,you have got to give,Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is"Time sure flies fast.and again its the 13th.Happy monthsary:3 !! (Juna Marie FloresJennifer RiscarMary Rose VillarmiaRhonamarie Kabahar Arcilla) i lhab yow nd i mhiit yow

  14. It's been almost 6years since the last time we saw each other.I miss buying SLUSH after class.Dancing,Singing & Strumming the guitar during break time,Imiss playing basketball & volleyball w/ you guys.Q_Q I want to rewind those moments and let them pause even for just a little while. Happy birthday Gelly/Haylin (Gellan Mindanao).Wish you all the best.I MISS YOU GUYS!I'll see you guys again SOON! :"(

  15. LOLOL. I missh you Q_Q

    Im doing fine..


  16. They said "Learn to love Filipino and it would love you back." Q_Q HOW COME IT STILL HATEEESSS MEEEE T_T

  17. “Two roads diverged on a yellow wood.And sorry I could not travel both....Two roads diverged in a wood- and I-I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.”

  18. Knock knock...

  19. Even if things go out of hand,Nothing could break this day. Outing with LOVE(Mary Immaculate Duenas DucotJoy Karren TarayVanace CortesSharlou BeltranEdward HernaezBrianlee Taculod Albert LeeLariosa AllenJecoi EscalaJose Santiago L. Bacayo)PS : When you sleep tonight make sure she's not beside you JK! haha Love you guys.

  20. Don't test my patience ; I have my limits in being nice. (*gusto kong umiyak! Q_Q*)

  21. Excited for tomorrow :) I miss shoo Q_Q

  22. Batch T-shirst for IV-LOVE 2010-2011?.. Yesh or Nuu?

  23. “If ever there is 2morow wen we're not 2gther. ther is somthing u must always remember. u are braver than u believe, stronger than u seem, and smarter than u think. but the most important thing is, even if we're apart..i'll always be with u.Where ever u maybe” Happy 26th monthsary :)ILY (Juna Marie FloresJennifer RiscarMary Rose VillarmiaRhonamarie Kabahar Arcilla)

  24. Its almost valentines day :)Can i ask you(Juna Marie FloresMary Rose VillarmiaJennifer RiscarRhonamarie Kabahar Arcilla) out for a date? :D

  25. Dont make up stories when your not sure if they are TRUE.As what i have said " I'd Laugh at the things that your saying. " want to know why.?Its because NONE of them are True. So next time when you open your mouth why not check out the things that you are saying. YOU dont know me; I dont do things without any REASON. Do want you want; "Like i care." whose who knows me would understand and those who dont JUDGES .

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