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  1. Recent changes? I dont see the guilds  discussion anymore.. 😥

  2. Sup Yotta! :) How's life? If you even remember me lmao.

    1. Yotin


      shoot!, didnt see this msg just until now, sorry bout' that. Life is still going strong, and ofc I still remember you.

  3. Any ideas what I should do with 1k vote credits?

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    2. Yotin


      Hey Vic its not like I want to spend them, its been almost a year since I went inactive and I've been voting since then whenever I can , guess it became some sort of habit :P

    3. Yotin


      Also I dont think I will coming back in a whiiiileeeeeeeeeee.

    4. Dothy~


      haha I see, yeah I can't actually play due to some kind of error, but I will be back sometime to talk with few friends :P hope everything is going good buddy

  4. Yotin

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

  5. Vote Credits resets?

    1. Everade


      No, the control panel is still under construction as said in our news.

  6. Vote Credits resets?

  7. Miss you too :P

    1. Yotin


      I know you do :P

  8. Yotin

    Welcome Topic

    Welcome To Gro Forum then!!
  9. Yesterday's history , Tomorrow's mystery

  10. AMG YOTTA BBY U STIL PLEY/???/??/? <-- Given up on writing properly long ago.

    1. Yotin


      OH HI OMG SAM !! yeahh .. I mean I've inactive for a few months now but I drops in sometimes during Woe, what about you?

    2. Mirri


      Mhm, mhm! I'm pretty inactive too but have been around the forum a bit in the past few days. I log in from time to time for WoE or just to be disappointed because hardly any of my friends still play.