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  1. Recent changes? I dont see the guilds  discussion anymore.. 😥

  2. Any ideas what I should do with 1k vote credits?

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    2. Yotin


      Hey Vic its not like I want to spend them, its been almost a year since I went inactive and I've been voting since then whenever I can , guess it became some sort of habit :P

    3. Yotin


      Also I dont think I will coming back in a whiiiileeeeeeeeeee.

    4. Dothy~


      haha I see, yeah I can't actually play due to some kind of error, but I will be back sometime to talk with few friends :P hope everything is going good buddy

  3. Vote Credits resets?

    1. Everade


      No, the control panel is still under construction as said in our news.

  4. Vote Credits resets?

  5. Yesterday's history , Tomorrow's mystery

  6. -12° C ...

    1. Yotin


      actually -16°

    2. V E N T U S

      V E N T U S

      swt... go get some hot coffee

    3. Yumii


      omg.. wear lots of warm clothes sweet! don't get sick!

  7. Back in the days I barely couldn't get a remote control car as a seven-old boy,but nowadays my cousin, a seven-year old girl just got the new iPad for her 7th birthday

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    2. Yotin


      I bought her a necklace for 200$ and I thought that was a really expensive gift.. lol

    3. Yumii


      haha yeah.. don't worry, it's the thought that always counts!

    4. Yasahiro


      Yea and updates her FB/Twitter status that her life is miserable.

  8. Pre-ordered FIFA13!

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    2. Yotin


      planning to ? you must

    3. Yumii


      haha i will but so busy atm with school =(

      ps3 or xbox? :o

    4. Yotin
  9. #So Far #So Good

  10. #Work hard #Spend Harder ~

  11. BBQ, beers, good friends, great weather ~ Great start on the summer

    1. Dothy~


      share some! D:

    2. Yotin


      no way Ö

  12. Chelsea FC Forever

  13. Let 'em hate, as long they fear

  14. Happy New Year people!

  15. Take a break from Gro ? hmm....

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    2. Yotin


      just a thought..

    3. Futhark


      better than start to hate it... just take the break if u think u have to~ i did the same 2 or 3 times

    4. Yotin


      Yeah i did it once so why not again?

  16. Hope you are happy scammer!

    1. Bex


      What happened? D:

    2. Futhark


      they are always happy :/

    3. Alexaa


      not unless they get caught, nyahaha

  17. So tonight everything is on me, The drinks is on me The bitches, the hotel, the weed is all free( just joking about the last 3 things)

  18. Everything that I do they trying do the same thing, Trying do it how I do it, they can't do it like me

  19. Pma mig S u p r e m e !

  20. Who said that money cant buy happiness? Im only happy when i have money..

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    2. Yotin
    3. L e t s R o c K

      L e t s R o c K

      right!i agree with that shit. :) ..girls are everywhere,even in your heart. LOL!

    4. Beastboy


      with a knife prolly.

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