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  1. Hello. I am an old p;lyer and would like to go back to gRO, but I cannot install the game as it is having an issue with its installation. See below: Am i missing some files from my grandmother now? Please help. Kind regards, Chlorophyll
  2. ahaha currently downloading client
  3. Matagal nang hindi naglalaro. Pero lately nagonline ako sa Valfreyja Server sa Pinas. Busy sa work e.
  4. Wow, this server is still up! :)

  5. Davemo

    Ragnarok Online 2

    Nazue, it is the Legend of the Second and not the Gate of the World. gate of the world has many negative feedback, I didn't even want to try and play that if that is the case. And I downloaded not LotS but in playpark.net. You should find some mirrors there, but if you have a fast enough internet, you will be able to download the client directly and install it right away. Anyway, I had my first encounter of technical problem with the game. I couldn't log in with my character. What a bad luck, when I was really determined to level my mage to 25 and then change it to a Wiz.
  6. Davemo

    Ragnarok Online 2

    Miland, try downloading the client in this website: www.playpark.net I downloaded the client for Malaysia/Singapore and I am in Qatar so I believe you won't be having any problems if you play that from the Philippines.
  7. Davemo

    Ragnarok Online 2

    Doc, the game play is pretty much the same with Dragon Nest, if you were able to play this game. There are a lot of quest, yes. Most Base/Job experience (for levelling job like mage, aco, thief, warrior and archer) you get from accomplishing a quest,and for the profession (alchemist, artisan, blacksmith and the other one, I forgot the name), you get from accomplishing khara, I guess, and yeah from making items according to your profession (this is more like a side quest). Maneuverability, pretty much ok, could be confusing at first but you'll get along with it. There are some similiraties with the classic RO. Some changes in the skill tree for each job. I noticed that elements here doesn't matter that much (fire monsters weak to ice attacks). I might be wrong, but that is how I noticed it since I am using a mage. All in all, it is a different gaming experience (not new, coz Dragon Nest is pretty much the same). Miland, I haven't encountered any tech problems yet, but yeah there are times it could get laggy. But hey, there are three servers, you can choose from and each server has channels. You can just choose another channel if the channel you are in is kinda crowded so that lag could be lessened. To add, I am not aware on which country you registered, but the one I am registered now is pretty much ok. Chris, I heard this will not be release in LevelUp Ph. I do not know why. Anyway, someone just told that to me so I am not sure, so... keep your hopes up til then!
  8. Davemo

    Ragnarok Online 2

    This one is kinda cool. Here's my character. Magician Level 17 going to Sorcerer path.
  9. One of the many reasons why I am sooooo inactive in gRO now. At Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Was able to go to the 124th floor the next day. Truly an architectural masterpiece. On the same day went to go for a beach next to the 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab. At the Souqs in Madinat. Like a boss in the Dubai Metro. Same here in the monorail going to the Palm Islands And lastly was able to ride the world's fastest coaster. Sorry, pictures are too many, I know. I just wanna share.
  10. Off to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. :D

    1. S4T4N


      Have fun dude ! :D

    2. Davemo
    3. Nazue


      take pictures, bro~

      wanna see something, so post them, would u?


  11. Yey!! New card for my collection!

  12. Davemo

    Zue's Art

    Like like like!!! Like all of your sketches Nazue. Sorry i wasn't been around lately. Miss you sis.
  13. Wanna share again some pics. Ok first pic, myself enjoying the panoramic view of an inland sea at Qatar's Safari. (I am the one holding the camera in the picture, not the one taking the picture, if that makes it clear.. ) Camel-MOOOOO!! While on our joyride in the sand dunes, my friends' 4x4 got stuck in the sand. One wheel is barely visible. These desert sands are actually crunchy when you accidentally ate it. Nom nom nom... (The wind is constantly blowing so there is a high chance you'll swallow some sands flying with the wind if you smile with your teeth out while being taken a pic). Lastly, taken as the sun is setting in the west atop of the Desert Sand Dunes. With friends, me on the far right. Just the beauty of silhouettes against the setting sun... hmmm..
  14. It was just like yesterday that I do this quest. And I can see myself in the pic, c/o Syakila and the gang.
  15. some people are so consumed by their anger, they turn into monsters...

  16. Gaaaahhhh!!!! server still not up!!

  17. Playing tennis in the heat of the afternoon at Qatar tennis Federation, Doha. And hanging out with the Landscape Design Team at Starbucks in City Center, Doha. And feeling tourist in one of the Fish Souqs outside Doha.
  18. The only thing that smells fishy here is probably your armpit. Beastboy, your classic. Laugh hard on this. :D

    1. Stifmeister


      you mean You're Classic

  19. Is there any possibility that tongue mask became slotted and retain the same effect? Thanks. (If it is already included in the slottable list, please ignore this.)
  20. Already missing out on a lot of things. I should play more.

    1. PapaDom


      yah.. u should.. but Rl first yah..

    2. ~Nik~


      i with agree with Paps:-)

  21. Will be flying to Doha in a few moments. :D

    1. CherrybelleTwibi


      have a safe trip :)

    2. Nazue


      we will wait for u ~

  22. Corpse Dancing. I'm so addicted to FTP now.
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