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  1. Alright thx for the information... would like to try the @mi... but from black market someone selling the card already...
  2. Yesterday i spent a hour with 2pcs bubble gum to double the drop rate and still didnt get any pieces of card. Is it normal? Or something wrong with the map or monster.?
  3. PapaDom

    Patcher Problem

    I'am Having the same issues... For ur information im playing in cyber cafe which is i cant control the anti virus. But then yesterday i can access this without any problem but today i have this patcher fail. maybe the slow line is the problem. just asking if there any other option manually to update this patcher?
  4. PapaDom

    Orang Malaysia Yang Masih Aktif Di Gro :)

    lepak kt town... kt atas althea.. tepi kolam..
  5. PapaDom

    Creepiest Stories You've Heard!

    i end up reading on the AIM scare.... seriously freaking me out.. ughh...
  6. PapaDom

    Endless Tower

    now averything are good...
  7. PapaDom

    Endless Tower

    Cool Cool zak... bia je dia... jgn d layan.. dia sendiri tau dia salah da tu.. At least give a sorry for ur mistake rainbow..~
  8. PapaDom

    Server Downtime

    We understand and we understand there will be a new dating quest added with 8 new slotted mid gear...
  9. PapaDom

    Orang Malaysia Yang Masih Aktif Di Gro :)

    ko lagi lama.. start ada guardian and full house lagi tuh..
  10. PapaDom

    Orang Malaysia Yang Masih Aktif Di Gro :)

    Aiyo Aiyo... ko lagi lama main dari aku solex..
  11. PapaDom

    Post Your Pictures

    My Graduation day... the tallest with glasses is me.. hahaha nerdy looks... Free back to play GRO!
  12. PapaDom

    Orang Malaysia Yang Masih Aktif Di Gro :)

    Salam satu malaysia..~
  13. PapaDom

    Lower Slotted Headgears & Fixes

    Agree with this one..
  14. PapaDom

    Lower Slotted Headgears & Fixes

    Happy and thanks Beast and Zie
  15. PapaDom

    Orang Malaysia Yang Masih Aktif Di Gro :)

    xde makdenye letew... hang nih solex... aku report kt alel kang.. siap ko kene geget dia...