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  1. damn...i fall in love with my best friend...im just sucks...just told the whole world in here but not to her in real life..yes i do love her..& maybe now she is on the way moving to her new house..her family is moving out today to other state..sigh..

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    2. Frus


      sublimation of friendship into love means you're psicologically not mature

    3. Cynap


      actually i love her for the 1st time we met..seeing her closed to me as a friend make me happy..sometimes when we confess to someone we love her..she would be more far from u..cause wanted to make u lost ur feelings to her...sigh..im such a coward....

    4. Eri Y Eri

      Eri Y Eri

      lol i watch a movie like that ahaha

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