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  1. Thanks babe, glad to see you're still keeping things together here!

  2. Happy birthday skip ^^


    how is life? i see you lurking. :P

  4. Merry Xmas Skip :o

  5. Thanks Skip. ^_^ You don't happen to still use MSN, do you? I haven't seen you around in forever.

  6. Happy Bday Skip.

    Still wondering your new ign. x.x

  7. dnnk

    Oh... well anyways, i'm chris.

  8. thank you tim, you wonderful person. <33 And a much belated bday to you too. O_O August buddies~

  9. skip

    Sounds like one too many legendaries. X_x I'm really not sure where that epithet came from. D= But thank you~

  10. ken


  11. Happy birthday, Skip!

  12. dnnk


    Happy Birthday Legendary Person whos always posting and legendary.

  13. skip

    lol I'm a high priest in JZH. :P

  14. Thank ya very much :3

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