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    My guitar is the only friend I have.<3

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  1. Merry Xmas Xilecne

  2. I never failed.

    Other people did and they're so jealous that they said I fail.

    But I don't, so go /wrist.

  3. Thanks for the B-day greeting. And yeah loooovve your hair. ^^

  4. I love your hair <3

  5. it's actually my own server xDDD

  6. LOL OMG. I agree with patchy! you don't look so 15-ish. DX

  7. A ninja without a life. XD

  8. you are such a ninja.

  9. Lol, but that's a song. I know what it means. xD Beatsteaks - Jane Became Insane
  10. Skipipip. o:

  11. Welcome back, I guess? :D

  12. Omggggg...

    Spell it Xilence, please. XD

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