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  1. A ninja without a life. XD

  2. Lol, but that's a song. I know what it means. xD Beatsteaks - Jane Became Insane
  3. Skipipip. o:

  4. Welcome back, I guess? :D

  5. Omggggg...

    Spell it Xilence, please. XD

  6. First of all, I did that out of boredom. o: This is a little starting help for people who are new to this server or generally in RO. It will explain you the custom NPC's functions. The Start and your way to Prontera! When you start up, you are at a random map, with two NPCs, talk to the second one. He's called the Novice Helper, he'll give you a Novice Starter Kit, open it and equip the gears, oh yeah, in that dialogue, pick Prontera. Because that is gRo's maintown. When you arrived in Prontera you will see a few NPCs, I'll tell you their functions. 1. The Healer, he heals you for free, but might disguests you. 2. The Warper, it's an alternative to the @warp command, but you still can use him to get to special fields like the Football ones. 3. Kafra, she's pretty useless X'D, but I use her to save my respawn point in Prontera. 4. The Mall Warper, I guess that you'll gonna use him pretty often, he warps you into the Mall and the Blackmarket, you can't warp inside of that map or warp into that map. 5. The Unknown Warrior, he warps you to the PvP waiting hall, you should be able to find the way on your own after you got in there. I don't suggest you to go there without good equips... 6. The Platinum Skill NPC, he teaches you some special skills, but you still have to do some with a quest. 7. The Job Master, he obviously changes your jobs. XD Don't forget to have 0 unused skill points before you change your job. 8. The Baby Job Master, if you feel like making a cute baby, this NPC will help you. You need a level 1/1 Novice to become a Baby Novice. 9. There's supposed to be a Card Remover, he's being fixed now, please be patient and don't spam the question section. The Blackmarket/Mall! Oh, so you've found your way to the Black Market? Maybe this is the first thing you will see. 1. Do NOT Vend somewhere else than on those Vending Lanes, you will be punished for it. Those are a few NPCs that you might see after. 1. The Mailbox, you'll see it in every town, you need to pay 130(or 150? o-o)Zeny for watching your mails. You can't send mails to your own account. 2. The Indetifier, it became a very handy NPC for me since I'm hardcore farming. ^-^ But it still costs 50Z for each item. 3. Laye, the Donate Valkyrie Helm colorizer, if you got a Donated Valkyrie Helm, you can change it's color there. But he doesn't accepts helms with cards in it. I guess that these NPCs will get pretty useful for you sooner or later. 1. Rental NPC, you can rent a Falcon a Peco or a Cart there, for free. (only for Super Novices, Merchant Class, Hunter/Sniper, Swordman Class) 2. Coin Banker, if you get rich, you should exchange your Zeny into Mithril Coins and keep them in your storage, so you always have your money with you. 3. Hypnotizer NPC, he resets your Skills or Stats, but he wants much Zeny for it if you're over level 40! So think wisely before you reset. 4. Skill Resetter, I never used it tho. XD That NPC deletes your skill points (that maybe stay if you reached to many job levels). I usually don't use those NPCs o: 1. Coupon Redemption Staff, used to get Coupons to make items. You need 5 Quest Points to get Coupon. 2. Invitation Manager, if you're lucky and fast enough, you'll might get a Castle Invitation! Good luck! 3. Event Staff, if you win one of those events (Izlude for example, where you have to kill a special boss monster) you get a reward. By the way, I don't know why I numerized them. XD Those are Vendors selling things for Forging/Making Pots/Priest Skills/Prof Skills etc. You can buy almost everything a starter needs. The prices are pretty nice too. xD You can buy Accesory, Armory, Weapons, Items and many more things! Check it out! You have to use the Mall Warper to get out again, you won't miss him. It's a black-clothed guy, like the one in Prontera. Let's level now! In the last part I will explain you the interface and tell you very useful links! 1. This is your Basic Info window, it shows you your Name, your Job, your Health Points (the bar turns into red if you're getting out of HP), your Spell Points, you Job Level and the remaining EXP untill you levelup, your Level and it's EXP, your amount of Zeny you got and the Weight (your HP/SP won't be restored at 50% Weight, you can't use skills or attack at 90% Weight) It also shows you a few buttons, I guess you'll recognize the ALT+ combinations fast. Some commands I always use when I'm new to servers: @autoloot, it loots all the drops automatically. @showexp, it shows your gained EXP, so you know when it's time to leave the place you're leveling at. 2. This is your Skill Bar, open it by pressing F12. Simply drag and drops items from your invetory (ALT+I) or your skills (ALT+S) into it. 3. Yeh, as you can see, this is a pwned Poring with all his drops. 8D, you attack monsters by simply clicking them. (I suggest you to use /nc, so you attack automatically) This should help you, I'm always there if you need me ingame. Send me a message on the forums and I'll give you my IGN. I got nothing else to do anyway. XDDD PS: I'm done with this guide at 90%, I'm gonna collect+add the useful links now.
  7. That's good tho. It has it's reasons. ;D

    You'll notice it sooner or later.

  8. Omg Nina, you are made of win.

    You're the best GM I've ever met. :D

    Still active after being a GM for +one year!

    Keep on doing that awesome job.

    You just made my day.

  9. Lol I collected Pokemon cards when I was small. o:

  10. Yoo rock. ^-^

  11. Lol, just like I did~ :3

  12. intelligent enough*

    Lol, I'm having typos in every of my comments.

  13. Omg, I totally agree with your last post in the "What happened 2 this server" topic.

    People like you are like heroes to me and make me happy! ^-^

    Protecting your country without acting racist...many people aren't intelligent to do that nowadays...

  14. Haha Chad, I can't stay quiet about racism.

    *gives lots of gay love xD*

    Ah well, I know that I'll make many new friends with that. But my point was to open those asshole's eyes...I hope they will be finally quiet...or gtfo atleast.

  15. He Mr. Failure who left gRo for another server!! ;-;


  16. *falls in a ditch*

    What the fuck?

  17. Dood, yoo rock.


  18. What the hell is a kudos? XD

  19. Don't care about Blessed Temptation, it's a bundle of stupid racists.

  20. Wtf, fegs rated you down you 3 stars? ;-;

  21. topic* not server o-o

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