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Status Updates posted by Tailz

  1. Love the new character drawing of me on my profile! Thank you for the early bday gift Rah!

    1. Tailz


      Thanks to Mirri too!

    2. Dany
    3. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Stop stalking my profile. :c

  2. Finally in a place in my life where everythings working out, and I can't stop smiling :)

  3. So...Diablo 3 is amazing

    1. Sissney


      only amazing? o.o

    2. Ahlaken


      really? nice....should try it thn....:D

  4. Can't stop smiling.

    1. Dany
    2. akira21


      Aww.. sum'in good happned?? XD

  5. Such a beautiful sunny day at the San Diego Zoo, now just time to kick back with a few Coronas

  6. You know you had too good of a time at a party when you really hope pictures don't show up on facebook..../swt

  7. I GOT A NEW CAR!!!!! WOO!!! <333333 So so happy

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    2. Futhark


      wooooooooooo!~ kewl!!

    3. Holly Enix

      Holly Enix

      awesome :D which one if i may ask?

    4. Tailz


      2010 Chevy Aveo :D

  8. Superbowl Party! WooWoo!...Don't really care about either team, but hey, at least I have a reason to get drunk with friends!

    1. luna


      Tailzyyyy <3

  9. Ughhhh such a busy day today x__x

    1. Dany


      tell me about it X_X

  10. Pimp Hat Prism #3 = Happy Tailz

  11. Home sweet home, had a nice vacation, but alas...back to the real world

  12. Vacation time! Peace out gRO!

  13. Just a few more days till my vacation, cant wait to get in the snow!

  14. <3 xmas parties

  15. I hate that feeling of reading the last page of the last book of an amazing series :(

  16. Yay new gloves, warm toasty fingers socks <3

  17. 8 hours of studying today.....ughhh

  18. Ughhhh 3 hours of sleep isnt gonna cut it x_X

  19. 2 costume parties in 1 night...epic. I love halloween.

  20. Halloween costume party picts posted! Woot!

  21. While taking calculus classes I never thought I would actually miss NUMBERS! d/dt f(x(t),y(t),z(t)

  22. Hangovers blow, epic party though

  23. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day full of LOTS of smiles :P ilu!

    1. XxBlackDahliaxX


      AWH, Thanks Tailz! <33333333 I love youuuuu too~

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