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  1. heya o,,.,O

  2. i saw money o,,.,O aaaaahhhh

  3. now playing: Stay Inlove with You - mariah
  4. lol how? i dont event knoe ur ign lol o.O

  5. booooyaahh!!!! =P

  6. i am ^^ cyah ingame sis <3

  7. kidding =P hehehe

  8. wew wut? lol o,,.,O?

  9. thats better =P hahah o,,.,O

  10. omigawd !!! o,,.O nah i wont eat u ... ill just break ur nose lol hahha kidding =P

  11. hey Lexi zup?? how r u ? missyah <3

  12. shut up and lemme go - the ting tings
  13. stalking mah profile without leaving any comment comon !! lolx =P

  14. loveyah sexy =P o,,.,O

  15. ate trish wer r u T_T we miss yah

  16. hey hey hey zup ira =P missyah luv yah

  17. hai sis usta? hehehe same pla tau bday lol =P nice =)

    how r u and ira? luv yah !!!

  18. yow BIggy zup man =P missyah

  19. hai hai kuya still remember meH LOL o.O

  20. lmao sandy lol o,,.,O raaawwwrrr

  21. lol Ballin =P o,,.,O

  22. heya raspbaby ^^ zup missyah

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