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  1. Thaks. I'm sure people will find it useful. Bards are truly fun to be. PvP is a basic place after becoming maxed. Oh, and I also have a picture of how my Clown will look.
  2. Thanks. I'm plaining to make a clown guide but 1st I need to make and Finish a clown.
  3. F&*k POOH!!!! Thanks for the good review even though your my SISTER!!! I want to get on the computer too you know
  4. Yo!!! Its Wilt!! and welcome to: Supa Bard 101. I'm sure you see plenty of people with bards and dancers. Yes, a high percent of them are in fact WEAK!!! So what I'm gonna do is tell you how to make the PERFECT CARDED BABY/ GROWN BARD. I. Status Point Usage Start off with maxing out your DEX Get AGI to 100 or maxed Get INT to 100 (no more until you have maxed your agi Once you have the needed status you can use the rest on what ever pleases you (I used the rest to fit my cards). II. Skills For the babies, it really doesn't matter what skills you get because you WILL end up with all of them. III. Tips Cards!!! XD Cards are the best thing to have when you don't have good weapons or equips. my chose of cards would be bongun card which auto-cast "Bash" wind ghost card which auto-cast "Jupiter Thunder" metaling card which casts strip weapon (a personal favorite ) Last of the card is the injustice card which casts sonic blow (another personal favorite ) IV. Equipments If you have any of the items I'm have written, you should use them. And for these cards I recommend a violin. It has 4 slots for card. a magic kettle which is a nice lil haedgear because it casts aqua deluge and water ball. a quest guitar that auto casts jupiter thunder (for people who don't want to hunt wind ghosts) a infrit ring This is the stuff I used to make a High Grand Baby Bard and I'm sure it will help you as well. P.S. If you think there is some info i should have added then please add something because I didn't have pictures to show this stuff.
  5. i could but i have to fix 3 other computers. XD
  6. ok. im only 14. its hard to learn these things!!!
  7. instead of putting it in RO put it in gatherings data npc. it worked for me
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