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    erm.. ro-ing? :D
  1. Item Name: Dropping Garm Item ID: 30102 Why do I want it?: Being a High Priest player, not only do i want to pvp and help others, but at times, Priest have their own wishes too. in this case, my wish would be the Dropping Garm. Christmas is round the corner, the sky's full of snow. Snow flakes would really en-chance the beautiful looking Dropping Garm. With great gracefulness of a High Priest, and combination of the snow flakes and The Dropping Garm, my Priest will stand out from all, receiving the best present for christmas, and of good care towards it. This is the only time a Priest requests. Wishing that GM *Santa* will grant this little Priest's wish. For9everHealer

  3. its true. . im tall and handsome . . wahaha. . .

  4. tall and handsome ur ass! :D

  5. needs a hairstyle patch!

  6. O.o! CAN I JOIN TOO? But i speak English and Chinese... hmm.. just hope that everyone speaks English there! But, i live in Singapore... SO... i MIGHT go... Are parents allowed? D:
  7. LOL Hows it going?

  8. the spirits are using increase agi [ correct me if i am wrong] thus making u unable to hit them O.o... i am ok with my sniper though lol... though it misses a few times o.O
  9. hey punk whats up :)

  10. Forever ? Rofl. Hai. :3

  11. O.O... i am a priest player.. and i don't see much people coming into me O.O!!!
  12. hiiyaa horse back riding.. /gg

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