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  1. Hello Gm's can u help me to my problem? my problem is i cant access my Yahoo i forgot my old account in ro this is the Username "Mrchitz440" so i decide to reset my password using my Yahoo Mail.. but another problem is i forgot the password of my Ymail.. i want to retrive my password in my Ymail so i use the "forgot password" in ymail i finish my 1st req, the Alternative Email,, this is my Email "[email protected]" and this is my Alternative Email "[email protected]" it is working but there have a question in last "who is your favorite aunlce or what is the first name" i dont remember what is my answer in that when i was register my ymail. can u help me about this? hope you reply thanks. Sorry for my English >.<
  2. Facebook timeline... XD

  3. Amf.. sira na cp q..Santa Cell phone nalang ibigay mu sakin naung pasko...:(sana may mag regalo hahahahahaha :)

  4. gRABe,,, Print dito Print Doon!!!Type Dito Type Doon..!!hirap tlga pag mag isa ka lang sa shop XD enjoy naman...

  5. I'm like a statue, stuck staring right at you, Got me frozen in my tracks.So amazed how you take me back, Each and everytime our love collapsed.:(

  6. ahahahaha si kua Froilan Oliverio ....nice try.. Sige.. bawi nlng sa next castle.. hahahahah

  7. hahaahah amf .. nasurpresa ku nun huh!!! heheheheheh

  8. Emperium kaba???..............Gux2 kasi kitang protektahan...mga Ro player lang nag nakakagets ne2. hahahah

  9. ~gud eve~God bless...

  10. Saya mag Practice ng 18 cotilion.. hahahahsana maging mag kababarkada tau...practice na nanaman mmya!!! yahoooooo~~~! New Friend Gizelle ate patricia ^^

  11. ~amf.. yoko ma asar sa mga costumer na binge..!~xry.. :) labas asar ng loob lang!

  12. Just the way u are,, ;D-={♥º 27 º♥}=-

  13. 1 day nalang PrakTis na!,,,,:))Pero praktis muna ku mag piano...pra sa Special number ku w/ my band....hahahahahah ~piano modezz~

    1. jorielle16


      Good Lukc pare kaya mo yan! Boys dont surrender

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