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  1. Ho'shit, you're 100 today. Totally. Even though you don't play anymoar.

  2. She got teh raped though D:

  3. im over here >>>>

  4. Dude, you're welcome to post on our thread any day. We've known you for like..forever? lol.

  5. -nods- alright ^_^ i just wish she would of told me though. But its in the past - thanks for being calm about this.

  6. LOLHUBBY. XD! ♥ *gives you another knife/sword and an extra gun* :o

  7. hi alexDM.. *holds a 13inch knife while whistling* la~ la~ lalala~

  8. WTH >.> im like reading lovely bones. of course i do know the word/things before posting it. and its a good book!! IT IS!

  9. Ps I read the lovely bones... waaaay before you even thought of doing it >8(

  10. How could you visit me without SAYING anything D:? POURQUOI KARASU POOOOOURQUOOOOI?!?!

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