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  1. Ren

    Exclusive Reveal

    nice... sweet...
  2. How many will win? i hope to see multiple arts on loading screen. there are a lot of good entries here.
  3. Everade, can we cast multiple votes or just 1 vote for all of these?
  4. do we have a way to silence FJ now? the conventional 128 lines is not working. -ren
  5. Kung Hei Fat Choi (Did I say it right?) anyways, Happy chinese new year to all :)


  7. Hi guys, the winners for january theme screenie event are now announced Congratulations to out winners

    1. Ren
    2. Aii


      Yey, thank you Ren...:D

      Is the prize gonna be mailed?

    3. Ren


      yeah I'll be informing alexa about it.,

  8. Hi guys, winners updated for january theme
  9. Ren

    Castle Is Bugged

    what castle? gm castle or woe castle?
  10. Hi guys, the monthly screenie event is open again for january theme, make sure to submit your entries and win prizes., :D

  11. *BUMP* Hi guys, the screenie event for january is now open, you can submit your entries
  12. Happy New Year gRO, more holidays to come

  13. Merry Christmas gRO :)

  14. October Theme for screenie event is closed guys :D stay tuned for the winners

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