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  1. Siela

    I'll miss you too Risa~ Gimme your MSN so we can still chat even if I'm not in gRO anymore. >:D

  2. Risa

    bye siela T_T i'll miss you........ =(

    stay beautiful ^~


  3. Waaaa muffin your so cute.. wab yu /gg

  4. Risa

    i lavvvv you like a fat kid lavvvs keikee ^^ :D

  5. Hey ho~ :D I kid, I kid. xD Best wishes to you and Kevs. /gg

  6. Siela

    Risa~~ *glomps* Me likey glomping Risa~!

  7. FS Jenny? My big sis? :D

  8. san mo nhanap to? ahaha..ung account ko.. sorry.. umalis na ko. :P bleh

  9. Yay~! Jenny/Justin love team forever~~~

  10. Hala! Nangiwan kanina. Na gang tuloy ako. >.> You owe me one. :P

  11. Siela

    Risa! <3 *glomps* Hello to my favorite Prodigy member~!

  12. Siela

    Hello, kuya.

    Vanity toh. >.>

  13. Oh noes! 750k! Nice page!

  14. *poke attack* 750k damage!

  15. *whistles* Very nice... how much?

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