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  1. Lipton

    Funny Pictures

    @D e M o N European cities were mostly built around something (church, castle etc.) and sometimes were limited by walls. so they were built in a radial way. Also there are rivers, hills & mountains, farmers with ground for cultivation. The roads weren't built straight and they started to give away/sell the unequally big plots of land. This all happened over several hundreds of years. (i tried to explain it in a very short way, if you're interested in this, you should read about "urban morphology") American cities were built after you colozined them and had time to proper plan them. Or you burnt them down and rebuilt them properly (Chicago) Ohhh and it's also fun to send Tourists to wrong places, which is so much easier in european places awXRbYr_460swp.webp
  2. Lipton

    Funny Pictures

    @D e M o N @Autumn Angel I can confirm this is 100% true
  3. hi sir  lip-l-on...is evirade s-l-ill on here deep sleep? ^^....he almos-l- dead in 15 hour ahhh....heheheh ..is a joke ahh don-l- be personal ^^....haiz i miss mah char...also DQ jouri 


  4. Hello Blake The problem isn't caused by your computer/network. Neither are you banned The Map server seems to be offline. Right now it's 3:20 am here in Switzerland, so Everade is still asleep and it might take some time for him to wake up and restart everything necessery. We're sorry for this inconvience and hope GatheringRo will be back online soon Kind regards Lipton
  5. Hello Arthemist The Problem is not caused by your Computer/Network. It seems that the map-server is offline. Right now it's 3:20 am in Switzerland and the Admin (Everade) is still asleep. We're sorry for the inconvience and hope the Server will be back online as soon as possible. Kind regards <GM> Lipton
  6. Join our Facebook page!


    1. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      How many times has a GatheringRO Facebook page been made?

    2. Lipton


      as many times as it has been banned :)

  7. Lipton

    Baby PVP Tournament

    Hello everyone My deepest apologies for not being online to hold this event. During the night, my girlfriend woke me up because she was in great pain and was having high fever. I drove her to the hospital where they found out after a few tests that she has a pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidney basin). I am sorry for not informing you, especially Izumi. Izumi, please contact me so we can plan to do it on another date.
  8. Lipton

    Baby PVP Tournament

    Every item that can be used in Colosseum can be used in this Event. That makes it a yes.
  9. Baby PVP Tournament Basic information: Date: postponed (Server Time), to be announced (GMT +8). You may only participate with any of the BABY class. You can only join the PVP Tournament with 1 of your characters (no dual client, no joining multiple teams). Event Location will be announced in-game. To register, please fill in this survey. - Name of your baby character with their class in brackets: (e.g.) Deemo (Baby Genetic). You may also register in-game if you don’t have forum account. Just PM LG l Deemo, IzumiSensei, <GM> Lipton (or his Rune Knight, Shigekuni Yamamoto). Game mechanics will be discussed before we start. End of Registration: July 28, 2017, 5:59 (Server Time), 11:59 (GMT +8). Prizes: After every round, the members of the winner team each get: 1x Heroic Treasure Chest 2x Bloody Branch Rules: You can only use all of equipment/ items inside the Gathering Station (@warp althea 226 216). No other Gear will be allowed! No refined Gear, no Cards and no Rental items from the Gathering Station. Any items that are restricted in Colosseum/Hell Box will also be restricted during the tournament (Scrolls are not restricted so they are allowed). No outside buffs allowed. (<GM Lipton> will kick you out of the Tournament without any chance to get back in.) Dying once means you were eliminated, if all members of a team are eliminated the opposing team wins (so no Kaizel or resurrection through other means in the tournament). Any Player caught reviving a Teammate will get kicked out of Tournament. Special thanks to Izumi for suggesting to hold an Event with my help If you found a literal error, you may keep it <3
  10. *stalks*

  11. If you're wondering where i am right now: Sorry if the post is messed up, i'll just blame my shitty iPhone
  12. Marceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. <3

  13. Snatch Lock, Stock and 2 smoking barrels Scott Pilgrim vs. the world Life of Brian Band of Brothers Pulp Fiction Hellride From dusk till dawn The Goonies Fight Club New Kids Turbo (Dutch movie) the neverending story Full Metal Jacket Dogma Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Hot Shots Naked Gun Waynes World These are the one which just came to my mind
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