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  1. shit happens

  2. Money can buy "happy"But money can't buy "happiness"

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    2. Everade


      true that... double true xD

    3. Zelandia


      probably, but money changes ppl,that means that even if you are happy with a lot of money at the beggining, that happiness will be change into greed which means you'll not be happy anymore :P

    4. Everade


      Why shouldn't money make you happy.

      You can do whatever you want to, you can still work if you want to. You can still love someone. There's no difference, unless that you have more money to spend on stuff you don't need.

      Now tell me that doesn't makes you happy. lol

  3. hiks.... T^Tmy toothache won't go away.....

  4. i already finished the book with the title "Psycho"it's so coolthe blood, the psychologic problem, mystery....so cool!!!gotta love this old story

  5. blajar british english yang formal...malah blajar bahasa carut dalam artian british...........

  6. Dang.... I am still sleepy.....

  7. First time hearing lecturer...Kinda feel like chatting.....Well that place seems nice...BREAK TIME!!!

  8. tomorrow is the beginning for a new life

  9. "life is just like a piano tuts, its only contain black and white with bursted bitter tune, may we notice the reverberation"

  10. dunia ini cuman butuh teknik dan observasi....

  11. argh!? internetnya lambat amat?!

  12. ngak pernah naik roller coaster....Tapi skali naik...braveness turn into madness.....Addicted......

  13. Jadi yang namanya naik roller coaster tuh.... Begini yah rasanya

  14. jiah!? server dragon nest malah down?! orang lagi pas di lawan boss!?jiah!!! na~~be!!!~~

  15. Sibuk Dragon nest terus!

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