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  1. Dah lamaaaa banget ga mampir. Iseng ninggalin jejak ah
  2. Iy nih dah jarang buka forum soalny
  3. Eh asuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Speechless aj ah gw Gampang buat nariny. Lo buzz YM gw aj jem 10-11an malem wkkwkwk. ...Bayaranny +9 vmant y
  4. @Hendra NAJIS ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Sini Valk Mant dah jadi +8 blon? Si Jul ama Dion spam ny gg juga lol. Eh Jul kapan tuh botol kedua dibuka?
  5. Then I'll wait you to nudge me on MSN and start telling me about your new laptop and games =P

  6. Been enjoying my holiday to the MAX ! =P

    Hey, I guess it'd be better to continue on the MSN. Kinda seldom opening the forum nowadays.

  7. Welcome back? =P

  8. Just wanna say happy birthday, Nina *breathing fire on you as the present* =D

  9. Dah lama ga ngepost. Kekny ni section jadi agak terbengkalai y wkwkkwkw. Si Kuman di Malang, Jul. Gw sih dah kirim gROny. Tapi tuh makhluk blon SMS dah keterima apa blon.
  10. Has decided to resign from GM team due to his inactiveness and IRL issues. Sorry for any mistakes I've done, guys :)

  11. Yo man sorry to tell you that I disappointed with those... degrading words.

    Enjoy your new warn level and another week of forum account suspension :)

  12. I got a work on church today.

    So yeah, I'm sorry man but I hope I could online later =

  13. Hmm bos lo dl FullClient yang dari sini bukan ---> http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=30302&st=0 Yang di halaman depan suka error soalny. Ato kemungkinan kedua: Itu apa lo dl patcher ny doank trus lo tiban di folder RO laen? Soalny kalo lo tiban di folder RO laen/folder ny ga beda jauh, emang suka error. Semoga membantu sih bos Welcome to the server, btw. Sori kalo GM Indo ny ini jarang nongol. Lagi sibuk nih wkkwkwk. @Dion Itu dah lo promosiin Boleh kali lol.
  14. WTH *throws the snowman to the sun* MUHAHAHAHA 8DD

    Heck yeah. And I'll need to rest early today since I'm lack of sleep nowadays lol.

  15. *spit you some FIREBALLS* MUHAHAHAHHA 8D

    Finally able to get some breath lol.

    Well still another week of exam so yeah xD

  16. Si Mel katany laptop dah bener tuh Dion. Lo tagihin gih sana
  17. Omg a snowman o_o

  18. I barely know you but heck I see that you're having birthday today.

    So let me congratz you at least :)

  19. All signatures must not exceed 500 px long by 150px high including text and images. ---> please edit your siggy, Diss =P

  20. Dia laptop ny baru dibenerin minggu depan.

    Paling dia ngasih ny pas dah bener itu.


  22. Waduh lupa bales koment kemaren².

    Yodah gw ngespam aj d /gg

  23. MUHAHAHAHAHHA peace² =P

    Sini suit dulu.

    Kalo lo menang 3x gw balikin /gg

  24. Dina DotA lagi yu !! Kemaren gw maen berempat make Skype ga pada lag. Penasaran kalo berenam bakal ngelag apa ga. Seru tuh maen DotA pake Skype kwkwkwkw.
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