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  1. *stalk*

    Oh, don't worry I just randomly clicking and too lazy to log out.

    And you would hate if I on your profile page but leave no comment, no? =P

  2. Latest update: I heard from our developer that the actual GRB spawn time has been changed into the exact 6 hours. Sorry for the mislead before.
  3. It's a random time between 3-5 hours. Yes, GRB is the only MVP which got random time spawn, in order to prevent camping by some payers. That's where Convex Mirror comes handy
  4. LMAO.

    Well I need to go shower and breakfast first xP

  5. What's a vanity pict? o_o

  6. Yup I just cross check it.

    I'll unban you now. Sorry for the mistake.

  7. Thanks for the update report, btw ! *salute*

  8. Lol @ stalker.

    I wonder what Mr. Tan gonna do if he was there 8D

    Btw lol @ those new picts xD

  9. Something's matter?

    Sorry for the late reply. It's actually late already in my time.

  10. Welcome to gRO :)

    But we aren't using Renewal, FYI. So how about if you're download our Full Client here instead? ---> http://gatheringro.ch/?module=main&action=client

    Or here ---> http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=30302

    Have a nice day and feel free to ask if you got any question :)

  11. Gw kan juga manusia Din Oh gw kemaren pesen ama si Chadny buat temany Silver Wind ama Dark Shadow sih. Jadi emang ga ada fiery²ny lol. Cuman berhubung si Chad temen, dia sengaja masukin apiny di panah wkwkkwkwk.
  12. Your siggy is way too long.

    If you doesn't reduce the size, I'll be forced to remove it.

    Thanks :)

  13. Mana ga ada foto² pas gatheringan yang terakhir lagi
  14. I lol'ed @ your siggy.

  15. @Pau You could always see my SinX name at my siggy, you fail @Alexa Everade hasn't informed us yet. Maybe he's been busy nowadays.
  16. I'll be online on my SinX during WoE so feel free to say a hi there =D

  17. Btw Windows 7's new taskbar is quite irritating if you aren't used to it lol.

    But now I think I like it.

  18. Welcome back, Sniffles =D

  19. It's been awhile actually lol.

    Just wanna spread it somehow =P

  20. Btw I lol'ed @ the conversation between the prof and guidance counselor.

    Which one are you? =P *got a feeling that you're the one which comes 45mins-1hour*

  21. HI RISA !

    I mean... LADY DISS ! 8D

  22. Well....... I could sleep after college? D8

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