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  1. whatsup kid d:

  2. *fap fap fap fap fap*

  3. lol,psht KIA ;DD

    anyway so hows you? havnt spoken to you in a while ;)

  4. Koe wo kikasete

    Yasashiku nareba motto

    Aishiaeru hazu sa

    Me wo sora sanai de

    Koe wo kikasete

    Karami tsuku fuan mo sabishisa mo koete yukou

    Ima no kono kimochi ga kizuna ni naru

    buahaha i can sing most of it nows LOL

  5. Koe wo Kikasete - Big bang Wedding Dress - Taeyang god these songs <3 soo deep especially wedding dress q-q, i had that moment yesterday but without the whole wedding bit q-q. watch the MV and youll see >:!
  6. haroo buddy :D

  7. oh .. LOL! vengeance ;DD? RIP?? ;D LOL fwak man this is .. gonna be the best i swear >____>

  8. *stalks* LOL >_>

  9. since her face! thats when she started using her acc.

    anyway hi cue cue buddy 8D

  10. fk .. are you back yet jesus! D:<

  11. SYAF!jesus christ iv missed you D:< moar than the people below me !! damn right i went there D:

  12. hey ... your face!!! damn right i went there! LOL, why cant i think of any come backs against you Q_Q. your like .. anti come..back.!!

  13. PayA

    Post Your Pictures

    i has a beard .. do you!!! and do you has a swirly moustache D:<!? my fail bed hair style LOL
  14. getting hair bleached :B

  15. harro :D ooh pretty drawing, it looks just like you LOL! :DDDDD kinny~ x3

  16. well well well, looky here D:< *points*

  17. if you try slot the black framed glasses, the part where he says "here you are honey", it hangs, and you cant select anything. gosh darn potatoes! D:<
  18. PayA


    man man soo lexa ehy ;D *nudge nudge* *fap fap* LOL

  19. PayA

    woah its you :o

    sup men :DD

  20. happy birthday ki ;_;

  21. but why class rep D:! your our idol .. LOL your the best class rep ever *thumbs up*

  22. yo class rep :o!

  23. Tae Yang - Make love ;D so what if i listen to Kpop D: <
  24. its yoooouu :0

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