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  1. ah... could have just said that. well im not really sure since i dont really play here as much as i did. so i cant really answer your question xD. it could be, or not. thats what ill say :Q sorry xD
  2. @Lynx: this is a quest which takes quite a while, and what for? its to obtain the item Lucifer's Lament, which grants you access to gefenia. also the sign gives you 5% atk and matk. but thats when its equipable. in this guide im just showing how to get the item in a quick faster way. ... xD @caLYX: can you expand on that question xD? for what i understand, are you talking about the lucifers lament >? if so, then it should be able to be used for that quest @[email protected]!
  3. Note: This Sign CANNOT be used for Blessed Valkyrie Helm Quest! This is a guide to obtain the sign item, without having to do the other things. ENJOY! ;D hope this useless thing becomes usefull xD! *note*"the sign" item i obtained after finishing this is currently in my ETC part of my inventory, usually it would be an item that is already equipable without giving it to the other NPCs.* Step 1: lets get straight on it ok before you could get to this part of the quest youd have to do other things such as the dancing part and whatnot. but i dont like that D: <, so what we want is to head straight to the NPC named Queen of the Dead located at que_sign01 45 221 talk to her until she gives you the Symbol of Nine Realms once you have that move on to step 2 ;D Step 2: The Super duper mega boss guy that cant be killed! ok not really but yeh well in this step you would want to go talk to Seirin located at que_sign01 197,45 Keep talking to her 4 times, on the fourth, select the second option untill she sumons a copy of Dark lord [This does not drop items, and is also not as strong as Dark Lord himself] now fight for your life! Once you have killed The Dark Lord Incantation, Serein shall appear once more for more spoonage. talk to her till you get warped to nifleheim. once warped move on to Step 3 ;D Step 3:Mentos The Freshmaker ;D well in this step you'll be talking to 2 NPCs The Witch located in que_sign01 122 141 once finished with her move onto the Depressed Man located at nifleheim 146 241 once done talking your final step, to obtain "The Sign" From the Valkyrie O_O! Step Sexy:FINALE ok now your at the end of this useless guide ;D to obtain your item you must warp to himinn 48 86 and talk to the VALKYRIE keep pestering her until she coughs up "The Sign" with that in your inventory, it is now up to you to do what ever you want to it. (will edit whatever needs to be edited later, for now sleep :Q!) will add kikernas steps ( if you wish to choose her path)
  4. ^hmmm really? i didnt have to give it to metz before, and it would already be equipable. ill try it anyway. thanks xD
  5. '!!' back at you D:<

  6. hmm just wondering if they changed the 'Sign' item itself, i recently got it ( without having to dance and whatnot) but it stays in the 'ETC section of my inventory' meaning i cant equip it at all .. and iv done this quest ( the same way as i did a few minutes ago) and it was an accessory, but that was before the wipe. so yeh :/ and i know its 5%atk and matk just wondering if they made any changes to the item itself or the quest ..
  7. Shrimp on the barbie ;D!

    wanna VB mate ;D?! LOL <3

  8. ooh perfect world, heard good stuff about that >:0. and ASIF DVDs ASIF PIOZ!!1 gtfo the hentai discs! D:



    ILU MAN Q_Q!

  11. WRYS! i cant dance without it! *i~ can give you gaaatsby~ gaatsby~* >_>....

    i dont actually use gatsby anymoars *cry* i hate my hair!

  12. zomg its piozed guy mangina d00d!

    and nah .. RiP should actualy .. rest in piss peace* we've brought it back so many times now. anyway xD! where you been menz qq

  13. PayA


    *hides* :D

  14. Shikabane Hime Aka/Kuro Kuroshitsuji Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! Sayonara zetsubou sensei S1/2/3 *ZETSUBOUSHTA*!! Lucky Star + OVA Clannad After Story Toshokan Sensou Code Geass & R2 Maria+Holic <---------- LULZZ!!! the best xD! Hayate no Gotoku ;D!
  15. shes the kind of asian that makes your nose bleed! xD kk ill stop with the bleeding jokes Q_Q! i think iv left too much blood on your page already D:!

  16. tiiiffffff :DD!

  17. i know rite 8D!

  18. omg thats you!!1 *nosebleeds*

    uguu~ :

  19. LOL THAT SIG! i swear im in the background somewhere LOLS!

  20. what the chopsticks!

  21. sif german! look at her shes lik "ma me la con di" all over your face menz!

  22. i love you Q_Q! oh wait ...

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