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  1. Lol. You´re a a rare kind of human being, i have NEVER seriously seen someone so dumb as you.


  2. I Agree with all 3 comments below mine.

  3. Why are you always calling everyone dumbass?

  4. Nikou

    Cool. What do you expect? Cookies?

  5. Bryce

    lol u should see how dumb u look calling people dumbassesXD

  6. What u cant go without giving me your VH NOOOOO

  7. hope u CInji let me borrow Vh and hope you add joseragna

  8. sidi

    got a Ps3 then add joseragna

  9. sidi

    hope u get a VH so I try on.

  10. sidi

    how you let me get 1 or just let me try on 1.

    Ill be on GRO if you ever have a VH for us to use bro.

  11. gay huh y im talking to a girl

  12. sidi

    what dumbass

  13. Cinji

    i had one like a week before the wipe and then on the day of the wipe, i had 7 or 9 but now they're all gone :(

  14. Let's see who's the real dumbass.


  15. Nikou

    Your lack of imagination for insults disturbs me.

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