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    under the preeteh n smexeh girl skirt =P
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    just play n have fun haha
  1. yeah we will see, just hate those duper lol, the duper even make people think i also duper... lmao yeah we will see how, i hope by the time everade put the donation, i still have mood to play ro again huahua

  2. Well don't lose your hope XD, there is a slim chance that we will see those in donation, just don't get them hopes too high :P

  3. lol i wish mvp card is back at donation too but everade stand on his reason so i cant say anything... until the donation back, i wont play because i dont have time to hunt mvp ^^

  4. I'm seriously thinking about suggesting mvp cards to be available through donation, this is one of the reasons this server isn't growing at all. -.-, I wish you guys were back, for the good old days

  5. wah jd dj di club mana?

  6. lol ok

    say hi to him :D

  7. I'm going to meet cai in cebu city this june.... :D

  8. Meneketehe o_o

  9. aku adalah pria pria kesetanan, haus belaian wanita dan cinta

    hahahhaa coba tebak,lirik asli na lagu ap ama siapa yg nyanyi hahaha


  11. o.0 you not online msn yesterday? xD

  12. hey everade :D

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