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  1. downloading this server makes me feel like im in middle school again

    1. Abril♥
    2. Dany


      oh snap here comes trouble *bad gurl alert*

    3. Yzobel
  2. <3

    1. raphaelluigi
    2. Dany


      she's here! Quick hide ur wife, ur kids and ur wives !!

  3. <3

    1. Dothy~


      you still alive o.o

    2. Rasberry


      very much living & breathing.

  4. First time back here since July. o:

  5. NEEEEEVER. You were singing greenday.

  6. good to hear. i found voice clips of your singing from way back LOL. I'm doing fine, not the best but im okay. :3

  7. just a bit as well (: So. How are you?

  8. Haha♥ Miss me much?

  9. mm. just a few. i dont play anymore; the person i talk to most from unde is probably Bas.

  10. You havent heard xD? Unde is dead in the other server.

  11. Cause im deaddddddd c:

    1. Confusion


      ill bring you back to life!

  12. ily toooo :3. i missh youuu.

  13. Paparazziiiiiiiii.

  14. Nawwww, im done with gRO o;.

  15. Same as always (: How about you?


  17. Its all good, bas doesnt play there anymore. Nero,pie,nelson,sammie, etc they plays there.

  18. mmm well, Its basically like gRO but it has less players and more custom stuff, in my opinion. I'll message you the link if you want.