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  1. Hm...What was your name :o

  2. In Sirus's pants

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    2. DeatH


      teelex you dont report in, whats wrong with you ):

    3. The Unknown

      The Unknown

      Holy Cow back from the dead?

    4. Teelex


      I'm not back, but i still get the email notification when someone writes a comment :P

  3. I go ingame and /nooneinpvp iliek WTFHAX!? :D

  4. ilu too beautiful <3~ Nohomo lol

  5. I might come back i'd love to see how your doing.

  6. Hm i just had a thought someone could have probably reset my PW without me knowing, Well my sinx was Teelex8 if i can remember.

  7. Well i'll try to get on :D

  8. Btw Thanks ^^

  9. Oh but i played after that wipe, so maybe my account is still there I'll check. I haven't checked in game yet, i just trying in the Home page.

  10. oh lol i wrote interactiveness FAIL i meant in-activeness

  11. Oh lol my account got deleted cause my interactiveness xD

  12. Well i guess i'll visit for you :o

  13. Doubt it :< sowee

  14. I'm happy to hear that :D, lol i read that last post of yours "The truthz" your so awesomely cool :P thats all i have to say!

  15. still pretty lost ^^

  16. /emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  17. I miss your epic straight forwardness i hope your doing great <3 :]

  18. ILU!!!! *runsawayagain* :o~

  19. Aw i miss you <3

  20. Love you sweety

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