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  1. hello hannah!! hehe..

  2. hi r u lokoing nice

  3. Wth? Filo ka din? o_o;

  4. LOL hi , i just saw your message just now about Femme O_O

    so you want to bring back my guild O_O

  5. Happy Birthday Hannah. <3

  6. I want to meet GOD to tell him the whole year should be summertime.. lol^^

  7. merry christmas to you and to your family.

    -brian and family. :)

  8. How were you??? Noobish? xD

  9. hahaha whys that so? ... even if ur life is not u can play.. just combine playing and living with a good timing and you'll be happy all the time ahaha^^ x3

  10. oh ouch. :)) anyway I'm just going to start playing again because my life is getting boring again.

  11. haha *pat* ^^

    shit of a whipe.. ma old server wiped 3 times.. !! in that 5 years i was there.. and? i got back the items.. ITEMS are not all ppl!!! :D

  12. thanks! though i hope my account is still alive. (hating the server wipe)

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