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  1. Hi luciene! If you a have a moment, could you add my skins guide to your list of guides? Thank you! http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=37237&st=0&gopid=346634entry346634

  2. Last skins added, categories finalized, and recommendations put in. Whew! x_X Thanks for the comments, it's great to hear feedback after all that work!
  3. Lots of skins under Guides section! :3

  4. Blue/Purple Skins Snowdrop Download Aquarius Download Autumn Sunny Download Beloved Heaven Download Color_ajs Download d_52 Download d_6 Download Eau Download Eau Light blue Download Fairy dawn Download Fall maple Download Full metal alchemist aqua Download Gen Download Good Dendy Download Hiyamugi Download Hoshi Dukuyo Download Hoshi Furuyoru Dark Download Hoshi Noyume Download Lethe Download Mj_blue Download Clear_blue Download Clear_blue On the Cloud Light Download Seraphic indigo Download Seraphic skyblue Download She See Sea Download She See Sea Deep Download Skyy Download Summer Sky Download
  5. I found another great site for skins: http://skins.galbadia.net/b.php I might add more download-and-use skins off this site. Again, I do not take credit for these skins - all I did was tweak it so they would work with Renewal. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know and I'll add it in (plus give you credit). Red Skins c_m Download colors_tbk Download Garden Download Pink/Orange/OR Cute Skins *To any girls looking through this section - I really like all of these, and I'd recommend looking at all of them. * SAKURA Download Sakura Petunia Download Petunia Alice in Wonderland Pink Download akaneyume One of my favorites! Look at the cute chat windows (Vending lane #) and the shop windows with the stars...! Download baby ribbon This one's super cute! Download eauDarkPink Download Cloud9 Download Hoshi Hibiki Download nekosiwa Download Orange Peel Download Panda Berry Download Panda Omelet Download Peche Download Rainbow Download sugerland Download Tareneko Download Toon Usagi Download Tropical Download ZeroGP Download Yellow/Green Skins Bapho Download Bapho colors_rkh Download mj_orange Download mj_orange Hoshi Hikari Download MB Nen Download Scribbling Kid Download Seraphic forest Download tn fairy Download ZeroGG Download Purple/Black Skins Matsuri Kioku Download MB Shao Download eauLightPurple Download eau_darkblue Download eau_db Season Spring Download Yukiwasoru Download White Skins bright Download Phieti Renewal Phieti Renewal Corona Angel Download Corona Devil Download Corona Devil d_5 Angel Download d_5 Angel d_5 Devil Download Zerotwo This one has a partially see-through background in the equip window, which is pretty neat. Download Brown Skins Smokie Download Thorns Download
  6. Please note that this is not a perfect guide. I've just found a few tweaks that let you use most of pre-renewal skins. I do not own the skins used in this guide. And this guide has been a LOT of work, so any comments would be really welcome. Enjoy! I. Installing skins Minuete made a great guide for this back in 2007: Link 1) Download the skin you want to use and extract somewhere you can find it. 2) Create a folder called Skin in your Ragray folder if it's not there already. 3) Place the extracted skin folder in this Skin folder. II. Edits 1) Open your Skin folder. You should have a list of folders with skin names. (For example, the one I'm using in this example is blue-wing.) 2) Open the folder of the skin you want to edit and use. Then open the folder basic_interface Here are the edits to make: In your basic_interface folder, 3) To get the Red dot window background to show, change basewin_bg to basewin_bg2. 4) To get the Green dot window background to show, change equipwin_bg to equipwin_bg2. 5) To get the Yellow dot window background to show, change statwin0_bg to statwin_bg. *Note* The name of the file for the orange arrows is equipwin_bg3. Not every skin has it, so you can copy/paste the file from another skin if you'd like. (doesn't bother me though, so I just left it) 6) Go in game and press Esc to open your Options menu. Click on Video Configuration (second button from the top). From there you can access your skins. *Note* You have to close your client and open it for a newly installed skin to work. III. Skins You can get a couple skins from here: http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=34511&view=findpost&p=316412 I've already made the above changes to these skins. Just download and put the folder in your Skin folder. blue-wing, the skin used above Download blue-wing Skin Categories: Red Skins, Pink/Orange or Cute Skins, Yellow/Green Skins, Blue Skins, Purple/Black Skins, White Skins, Brown Skins. Also Recolored Skins. *Please use Cntrl+F to find them in the posts below!* means I highly recommend. Recolored Skins These are skins the artist recolored, and I think they're some of the highest quality ones. Please use Cntrl + F to find them below. Sky series:Autumn Sunny, Fall Maple, Summer Sky Corona series: Corona Angel, Corona Devil Colors series: Colors_tbk, Colors_rkh, Colors_ajs Seraphic series: Seraphic forest, Seraphic indigo, Seraphic skyblue ZeroG series: ZeroGP, ZeroGG, Zerotwo d_5 series: D_5 angel, D_5 devil Eau series: Eau, Eau DarkPink, Eau DarkBlue, Eau LightBlue MB (moonlight butterfly) series: MB Nen, MB Shao Hoshi series: Hoshi Hibiki, Hoshi Hikari, Hoshi Dukuyo, Hoshi Noyume mj series: mj_blue, mj_orange She See Sea series: She See Sea, She See Sea Deep, She See Sea Emerald
  7. Would it be possible to make the four-leaf clover part of this quest a little easier? The quest rewards aren't godly items, they're just decorative headgears. And since gRO has undergone plenty of changes in the last four years, I think it's not unreasonable to ask for a modified/updated Leprechaun quest...
  8. Thanks for the guide, it helped me a lot!
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