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  1. well may they still progress on that. hope it will fix it soon yeah the server is on new core
  2. Seiko


    that problem, i also have that problem. use KRO Re-Patcher.exe on your new Gro file patch and let it finish then i get less any pallete error hopely it will work on you~~ after the server up~~
  3. nanti hunty ke lhz_dun04 fa.. giant lance mantap ~~ berat gila XDD
  4. Seiko

    Official Statement

    cannt login via web to reset my loction due crash. hope its fix soon cos all my item on that char... thq
  5. Seiko

    Big Maintenance

    The new era of GatheringRO will start soon~~~ Thanks for the new update~~~
  6. Seiko

    Important Notice

    thx for update sir.
  7. well some event suggest "Mr.Bunny request" He will request few item from player then they need to gather it well you need to go to specific NPC gain some clue about the item and well you need to use some specific item to search it. just suggest
  8. well im also help the newbies. i also share my knowledge even it not so much but i try my best to give all i know. well my point here it not just GM use their power to help ppl. but honestly to improved their attitude. also to consider to reduce the number of critical / crucial judge. sorry GM ZIE, I know GM is volunteer Job. well even an admit for few mistakes? be wise i know GM make mistake some day. but how hard just say "sorry". that all and i was edit my start post. after all if there still who want comment about this post please dont be shy write down. and i will say thanks and also sorry if i make some mistake with my word. hope Gathering RO will be have long-long AGE~~~
  9. i bold this sentence. because community in game is also being represent about Gro but wisely to say GM is have THEIR represent too. but surely dont be make GM like no use to represent about Gro. they have and must represent gro too.
  10. may i will focus on you last sentence. well if you think to many GM cause to many event. how about you think if they give their hand to help ppl with out didnt do any event. please dont so make it personaly. well try to see at different view and think before act. @everade, sir well i know you wont be active on cos you build to merge this server. and you was list the name and the reason about them. well there good to know their still can support us. i will say thanks before. please need your wise to keep your GM attitude. try to motivate them when they not on good mood or have personal problem, please not to get inside of GrO. just few suggest well if they keep play here not only to "WASTED" their time But they Enjoy keep Playing here. and one more sir. Sorry about the caps. XD sorry if i make another issue, but please GM Zie. you have an age. you mature already. please be wise at your position now. and when you make act. i belive it was your best judge. if there no rules was implement but you make judge it was fault. please consider to talk the reason and keep no border. Thq for all hope gro will stay for more long age.
  11. well. what if the GM reputation use personaly for their benefit. well there no smoke with out fire. there some problem i think and it was so crucial that why player use that. otherwise that was very efficent to contact the GM cos ppl read also that box. well re-consider before act. re-think as GM cos they are the representative of GRo. well many change~~like wasted, its not wasted their time here but they enjoy play here. well if you want to fix it maybe dont so naif. editor can change the word of original text, but cannt change the meanning of the word. i will fix my word after im surely cure from my fever~~~
  12. Well so far so many GM was not so active like 2 years ago I was play on this server. Even everade (admin) have so much bussines so can always ON. Well, why we do not replace and give chance for new one to rise. Well I just see our new TRIAL GM "BEX" and "Tunes". Well they ussually online, Do intraction with player, Humble, Do "Nice even they aren't good mood". Well honestly, When i open shoutbox at this day, I found "again" some interesting between GM and player. GM judgment is very critical, That soo critcal. So when GM make the judge please consider it. What the effect you will make in future. and also consider if you are not GM any more and become NORMAL PLAYER and get same judge like you make now. Can you accept it? Well the player here have many characteristics, most of them want keep GRo UP(stay as number one) and become loyal family. They was many years still play (enjoy playing (*not to wasted only )) at here, they know so much about GRo. Well maybe we need some training for player who want to be GM. "and may will be 1st consider the(ir) attitude when choose GM. cos GM is representative of the whole GRO on field.(mean they have their responsibility to give impression about GRo)" "when GM do some mistake it will be bad for GRo (if they also didnt want to admit mistakes)". please consider it. We player always hope this server keep survive and have their "GLORIE". I will so much thanks if GM can be have more attitude. Because you are representative of GRo on field(please remember you need to become good example for the player). Dont make crucial judge(if cant please reduce the number of that). consider the effect and the benefit you(and suspect) gain. Please rethink before DO some "Critical" judge. i love many policy the GM make, but what player can do if there no two way communication bettwen player and GM. if that too harsh you can make single act, But THINK before ACT "if that crucial or not". Me as player here hope it will be consider as suggest. if any support and critic, dont be shy to write down. such wonderfull momment when player and GM keep helping each other to support this server. thq before~~
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