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  1. excellent! just 1 lil tip that i found awesome and useful, for example in an earthen bow + marina card (or Stormy Knight so much better) try to freeze or Stone, then use claymore, but be care full stay away of the enemy like 6 steps more or less then set a tramp and 1 freeze or stone an enemy 2 set claymore (need to be in the same line and in front of the enemy) step back like 7 step far of the enemy in the same line in front of him. 3 set 1 claymore close to you same line of the enemy 4 pull them in front of you whit arrow shower and do it again 5 need to be faster whit this, can do it in 2 ways 1 is set claymores faster and a lot then arrow shower they will hit your enemy and you will see a huge damage, whit the correct build. (200 int) the other way is set claymores then attack again to freeze or stone again, set more tramps and strike. If you cant freeze the enemy strip his armor xD Wikebine card the thief mob in lhz_dun02. In bow I suggest to use 2 kind os bows 1 to freeze and stone, another one to cause curse, silence, decrease agi. If the enemy have FCP then you can use pimp hat and do resurrection, he will die if use undead armor. Note: if the enemy have like 200 luck freeze and stone time will be lower, so is kinda useless vs hi luck users. if you going to duel a gx do this cheap trick xD Set mines surround you and hide xD they need to get close to hit you. And then you can hit whit falcon, detect and falcon strike. This also works vs Rg of sacrifice. Use hide, because some Gx trow knives whit poison. I should post a guide to kill Rg .__.
  2. @ ChibiSasuke Good idea but what if they use strong shield and cant be knocked back? you may need SK+ metaller (silence) or metaling (strip weapon) most of rg are afected by frozen, and SG can keep them away from you, also use shock wave tram to reduce 80% of sp by hit whit 2 = 0 sp also you can try to cause curse, to slow them down, but to be honest, need a SK and Inca in a strong bow +10 2 slot. @baped there is a build of ranger whit after cast delay and kill whit full double strafing so fast you will die in seconds, 2 kiels+ sniper suit + 2 expert rings. bow elven+10 whit elven arrows + TG, Hydra or Inca. week point? silence. also you can try now, falcon build, 200 int + 2kiels, sniper suit and 2 expert ring + amon-ra (falcon need int)
  3. Is not bad. But Rangers need more str 10 will be fine, i hold like 6 deferents bows, 3 armors. 2 manteus, arrows, tramps, potions. Problems. AGI: 200 agi is not good you can get 193 asp whit skills and potions, for example awakening potion, concentrate potions and whit, True sight + attention concentrate you are done, the agi points need to be 140 more or less so you save 60 stats points. the problem of this is true sight is just for 30 seconds, so each 30 seconds you have to buff again, but no problem, you can do this Phansmic Arrow to trow away the enemy and buff again. Vit: super low, DB can kill you easly, warlocks too, sacrifice xD so for me, you may need more vit and maybe sacrifice some luk points but that depends, ever try to focus in 1 thing most of the people use errende card to auto cast penuma, so you can do double strafing the damage is higer but is not too fast like normal atack, so penuma have less chance to be active. in that case luck for what? you cant do critical atacks whit skills xD Bow: well i have a bow called the cheap annoying deadly bow. Compositive bow +10 no less, whit metaling, metaller, magnolia, familliar, or metaling, metaller, magnolia, Golem. why golem? Because make your weapon unbreakable. NOTE: This bow have low low damage, but can bug an enemy, cause, silence, blind, curse, strip weapon. Awesome vs GX, Chasers, Sura and more xD. Battle Cross Bow: unbrekable and give you 20% of demi human defence plus 50% more damage to demi humans "no slot sadly BG equip" NOTE: if you want to buy one be care full the battle ground ncp sell 2 battle cross bow whit the same name but different effects so be sure to buy whit valor badges to get the right one. NOTE: Need to be faster in change bows. For Hug damage use Elven BOw +10 Whit Hydra. or Samurai incarnation. Penuma: This is a big problem. penuma can mess you up but there is some ways to evade that. 1. If penuma is active, you can use marina card + wikenbine card (strip armor) ever but ever use that car in accessory. No armor = frozen. you can froze your enemy inside penuma, then use shok wave tramp to reduce sp. 2. Cloaking, i dont like that but DAMN so useful, but still be gay to hide and run. 3. Just hide (smokie card) xD but that dosent works vs genetics of Sorcers, they can unhide you whit range skill so... just run. 4. The best scape xD skid tramp, put one, step and good bye, is like a back slide, but need to be care full you can get far or close of the enemy xD. Equips: Battle ground set is good vs long range skill also demi human defense, for example 12% to resist long range atck and like 4 % to resist demi human. armor 2%, boots 1% manteu 1% whit the ranger battleground set. if you no have that well use what jasper said. and get a battle cross bow. Manteu: Dosen't matter what people say but i dont like PD rangers, woks vs newby or people whit low dex, or hit. but you can evade PD whit skills, and if you aren't full PD well don't mind to do that. in mateu i like 2 kind of manteu 1.Proxy Skin Fragment, +7% to resist all elements, is good if you add Raydic or deviling vs a RG Genetic, and Sura NOTE: JUST VS RG Or SURA even Gentic because Acid is neutral. DEVILING IS DANGERUS 50% of defence whit neutral but 50% more dmage whit any element skill. 2. Wool Scraft: in combo whit Tidals + any card in shoes to increase hp or hpg or hp+ hpregen will be good, Gold Acidus Maximun HP and SP 4% if the boot is +4 aditional + 4% hp and sp. and 4% HP and SP Regen. also that combo give you a bonus in vit and wather resist. What if you can't knock back a enemy? if they use RSX Card or that shield "i forgot the name" you cant knock back the enemy, so is time to use some tramps. Tramps: to be honest i just use 4 tramps Anckle Snare, to slow them down exlent in woe Firing Tramp, good vs ministrel and electric shok wave, ministrel don't use int, so you can reduce his sp easy to 0 in seconds. also is good vs Sura they need SP to deal more damage whit Asura, and skid to escape xD or trow way the enemy. accessories, i like your accessories Jasper i mind to use them but i feel good whit my sloted bow thimble xD but yours is awesome, 20% hp regen +10 hit points and you can cast extremal bleeding. exelent amigo also try o get Ring Of Flame Lord you may cast spirit spherethe shine blue balls of champs each one give you +3 atk. and Presure reduce SP and obvusly use the cards that jasper use. and sure auto cast Jupitel thunder whit wind Ghost card is good to cast away enemy http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?sk_name=Gloria+Domini&page=skill_db&sk_search=Search
  4. This is my Load Screen :3 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=wc0r6f&s=7 I did this one whit illustrator.
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