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  1. just aint gonna transfer until i get an assuring answer from marc X_x
  2. uhm is the server stable enough that if i move my items to another character, i wont lose it? o.o
  3. wb~ and how'd it go? :D

    1. jasper12113


      i think she likes me too *O*

    2. Tunes


      YOU TOLD HER?!

  4. Sooo can u put maya p in the lower headie?
  5. sooo no one knows the price of Laurel Crown [1]? .__.
  6. Beast when is duel grounds coming back?
  7. PC on Sinx please, the up to date price
  8. Uhm farbjodur card is recieve 50% less damage from elemental attacks and recieve 100% more on neutral
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