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  1. just aint gonna transfer until i get an assuring answer from marc X_x
  2. uhm is the server stable enough that if i move my items to another character, i wont lose it? o.o
  3. wb~ and how'd it go? :D

    1. jasper12113


      i think she likes me too *O*

    2. Tunes


      YOU TOLD HER?!

  4. Sooo can u put maya p in the lower headie?
  5. Beast when is duel grounds coming back?
  6. Uhm farbjodur card is recieve 50% less damage from elemental attacks and recieve 100% more on neutral
  7. Me and alot of my friends made chicken hats cx Thanks for the guide
  8. O okay thanks for the info c:
  9. what do you mean by that beasty? Does that mean aimed bolt triggers and does that 3-4 more hits on stone curse, freeze, etc?
  10. @glaze i changed the build to max int and dex after that screenie lol and the dumby was naked, that how it was achieved, and during the screenies on the warg strike and skills portion i used aloe vera and distilled fighting spirit just to check how show how high it can go lol, im sure it can go higher tho right? And after editing this guide i changed my build to something new again so that screenie doesnt show my current build, i can do a decent 50k per claymore trap. @akira21 thanks ans thanks for correcting my typo xD and im sure the readers know that heh
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