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  1. It was me last night who disguised players and eventualy this bug was found; I prompted D e M o N to report his finding before people started trolling others with it! It can only happen if the character disguised is on a party, and will most likely crash the player, or DC it.
  2. Santa replied now to whom he had chosen for the one lucky person that will get his present this year. He mentioned in his letter that sadly the one that was the most creative asked for an item that was not yet supposed to be implemented! Although it was confusing for Santa. Withouth further waiting, the winner is Sadam! Santa read his whole letter twice! For he couldn't belive he had forgotten the warrior that had came to his rescue last year! Santa explained that he had to rush back, to make sure all gifts were delivered on time, and had to replace some wich had been broken!! Reason why last year he couldn't fullfill any wishes~ The second winner, chosen by a random number generator spell, was number 4, Kickers! Lastly; The elfs couldn't come to an agreement as to wich letter to choose, so Mrs.Claus asked old Santa to put in a bit of effort and make 2 wishes come true. Therefore, both Autumn Angel, and Aketsu, will be having their christmas wishes! That signifies the end of our event! Thank you again to all participants!!
  3. Santa will no longer receive any letters! Thank you everyone who joined into our forum event! The winners will be announced in the 28th of this month, here in this topic. Those who were warned for asking for OP items who did not change their requests, will no longer be considered participants. Any wish changed after the event was over will also be desqualified. Thank you again for joining and happy holidays :3.
  4. Hiellow Santa! Its me Sissney. First of all sorry for the late letter but I have been very busy bothering helping people! And kinda forgot to write to you. By now you should have already most things finished and all letters read, but I suppose a few late ones will still make the cut; I hope so at least~ Our mailing destributor went on vaccations before we could write our letters! Now we have a new destributor that guaranteed me that they could deliver to the north pole in less than 1 hour; I hope they can so my letter gets to you before everything is complete. If anything I belive the players will understand if you get their gifts late, so, let's say day 28? I sincerely hope our letters can still make it! cuz we'll be sending them eitherway~ P.S - there'll be cookies and milk for you AND all the elfs, if you accept :3 Thaaankies~~~~ xoxo Sissney ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------///////////-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sissney You have got some nerve young lady! Not only you are on one of the top positions of the naughty list, you even write me to ask to take your letters in!? Even bribe me with milk and cookies! Not too long ago you also rampaged through my factory to wreck avoc! Although true you also summoned adventurers to help us defeat the Novice Figure... That you brought to life! Let's see: Sissney - Annoying others; bothering others; being excecively loud; pranking players; tricking people; being an overall pain in the butt; etc etc etc... The list goes on for about five more lines! On the other hand non the less... You've done so with a pure heart, withouth the intention to harm others. And you're here asking me to take in consideration the players letters, nothing more. Such a selfless act won't go unnoticed. Very well. Tell the players they can send their letters, I shall see what I can do. Non the less we are mostly set, and I do not have much supplies left to thinker with; I belive I won't be able to take in more than 2 requests... Perhaps a 3rd if there's a lot of letters... After checking our storage I'm afraid I'm all out of god items and god ingredients, most mvp cards are also rulled out; I'll try and strike a deal with your Landlord, Mr.Everhard and see if I could obtain some of the cards he sells in his Shop. Lastly my elfs are very tired, and the effort they will put into this is already considerable, so they won't refine any items you may ask for. The letters written to me will need to contain at least this 3 things: Ingame name, age, and the present they wish for. Real names may also be added if they wish. I'll only take letters untill the 24th of December, untill 23:59:59 in the night; after that will be too late. Best regards, Santa Claus. And the Elfs. P.S -You better come forth with those milk and cookies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------///////////-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's how I met your father kids. Just kidding! Before anything happy holidays!!!1!!!11!1 *instert wavehorn effect here * So so, as you've seen, Santa is already on the ropes with all he's been doing, but will still take into consideration a few letters. He's known for being very strict with his letters, so make sure you follow his instructions carefully! "Ingame name, Age, and item you wish for". No more than 1 item of the same type will be brought, so be carefull with what you ask for! Considering he is doing this for us, I belive we should at least decorate our letters in some way! No need to be an image, just be imaginative and creative! That might get santa's attention ;3 Here's how it should go in a standart way: "Dear Santa, My name is XXX ingame and my real name is XX - I am XX years old. I'd really like to have an Elephant Hat, it's one of my favourite headgears! Hopefully you can fulfill my wish. Yours, XXX " Depending on the number of letters there might be 2 or 3 winners; One will be chosen by Santa(the one that appeals to him the most), the second shall be through a random number generator where Santa will place all the letters and pick one randomly. The third will be chosen by the Elfs as they should also have a saying in the matter! Right, lastly; only one letter for person. I will be doing IP checks, and if anyone is caught doing a double entry, you can be sure there'll be harsh consequences. You've been advised. Any questions feel free to pm me in here or in Discord; I'll make sure to answear ASAP! - - - Merry christmas and happy holidays everyone, from the GM Staff! - - - P.S - Special thanks to Holly Enix, creator of the letter event.
  5. Sorry for the lack of staff replies to this thread, some other things requiered our attention. So, as for the refinement, rAthena is undergoing a rework of their official refinement system. What does this mean? You may be asking. To put it simply, we follow the rAthrna updates and implement them here. So their new refinement will first be tested by the staff to see if it fits our server. If it does we will implement it. If it doesnt, we will have to tweak it. If by chance we need to tweak it, we will take all of this post into calculations as well.
  6. Considering the state of BG at the moment, it is in the Staff's scope to make BG more appealing to players, this might get discussed as an option. @Herseys if you get your 5wins, and then wanna help people on your team, you can. Now "feeding" wins to the other team is cheating.
  7. The world bosses aren't meant to drop good things every time for obvious reasons, such as people farming the bosses until they got everything and then be done with it, leaving the bosses to have less and less people hunting them.
  8. Problem with doram is their overal height. The wings are big, bigger than them if we're realistic. Half of the wings would be clipped into the ground if they could wear it.
  9. I'm sure when the fix is released, Everade will implement and announce it straight away~ Please be patient, for this is a really complicated issue :3
  10. It was a short lived time for that highness heal~
  11. It doee not make it useless, makes it balanced. Being able to basicaly spam highness heal is the ridiculous part. A 1second reduction is already very good. Even a 0.5sec is already nice, for if done right, that skill can surpass 200k with a single heal. I'm sure you understand what a 3second reduction would do.
  12. Wow Congratulations! I never witness, but i'm proud of you sissy!!! <3 i'm back woe-ing again

    1. Sissney


      hiellow :3
      yeah happend a while ago, but then busy busy busy x~x
      hope I'll see you in woe when I manage to join :D

  13. wow~ GM Sis! xD cool /bo

    1. Sissney


      Thankies :3
      When you comming back? :333333

  14. That skill has been like so, for over a year, so I suppose it's either meant to be like so; or someone already reported it, or nobody did, wichever~ It was a fun skill to use though
  15. If I'm not wrong it never did show. It works like some +% ATK/ +% MATK bonuses, that we can't see, but we can defenitively feel~
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