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  1. yeah ! I miss the good 'ol days.

    Didn't really have much time to play :( but I'll see if I can re-download :3

  2. Miss you lots ! :D and belated congratulations on being a GM. well, you were always a loyal Gathering-ian haha !!

  3. kyli3

    hi panget :) miss you !!!!

  4. Hey there lovely ^.~

  5. Reading through all my past posts and I'm starting to miss everyone already :( I was such a warfreak :3 haha !

  6. hey :) miss you guys :)

  7. well it's about time you're part of the GMTeam ;)

  8. you're funny xDD

  9. sorry, had christmas at my grandpaernts house... cousins hogged the PC... sorry

  10. haven't yet installed the game... :) i'll be on soon i hope :D

  11. i'm off to school ben :) Toodles!

    XoXo Kylie

  12. How were you??? Noobish? xD

  13. LoL sorry, somethings wrong, it always errors and closes T_T i'll try to fix it :D

  14. kyli3

    wth?! oh and anong pally? xDD

  15. hehe... see you there! I've been dying to "meet" you guys again.. :))

  16. i found it such a flop XDD

  17. i removed the pic :P

  18. whora whora whora the explorer!

  19. Awesome? huh? dot dot dot question mark.. LOL

  20. so are you any good? haha perhaps if we fought before the server wipe, i'd so be able to pawn you. :)) now, even the porings can pawn me LOL

  21. kyli3

    Lola! asan ka! Buwahahahha!


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