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  1. happy birthday!(:

  2. yoyoyo.

    Do all Undec. still play gro?

  3. Hey nirosan!!

  4. but im not even in nevada QQ

  5. u suck its your bday

  6. you have been found guilty in the court of Nevada, for applying the term summer break in a country where there isn't summer. You have hurt the feelings of fellow residents who cannot enjoy the four seasons except rain and sun.

    Pay meh yo fine!!

  7. omygosh.

    WHAT DID I DO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q__________Q *confused*

  8. rur

    i actually missed one of your comments


    ur forgiven :D

    and thy shall not hunt ye soul.

  9. my friends QQ

  10. i am damn fine :o

    it's been nearly i guess 2 years T_T

    Freakin Lost Contact.

    And GRO changed a lotlotlotlot

    @[email protected]

    sadly your in game name must be stolen by someone else D:

  11. Who's Gonna Beleive Ya

    Huh? huh? huh?


    ITS A LIE!

  13. Takemoto-kun!:) I'm fine, somehow sort of new again to this game. :P

    How are youuuuu? :D

  14. I Know What You Did Last Summer


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