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  1. puta la madre, puta la hija, puta la manta que las cobija, Gracias Hugo Lindo.

  2. Forgot to do this, good bye all Apocs won't forget you all, it was a nice ride. Bye former best server ever.
  3. come back fag D:

    I miss you!!

  4. DUDE WTF ._.

  5. Dude what happen on Apoc @[email protected] Ix said your quiting! is that true?

  6. Can you be on msn? Please?

  7. Gonna be gone along time then mate.

  8. Nono, girls never gang, they solo boys easily 8D



  9. man, you dissapeard ;3, you were such a fun person to hang around, I miss you Sammie.

  10. I hope to see you around sometime chaddie. You have been and will be missed.

  11. LMAO. Ahahaha :P I love you Abbanub.

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