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  1. puta la madre, puta la hija, puta la manta que las cobija, Gracias Hugo Lindo.

  2. man, you dissapeard ;3, you were such a fun person to hang around, I miss you Sammie.

  3. I hope to see you around sometime chaddie. You have been and will be missed.

  4. xD ilu nooobb

  5. Abba = Evil!!!! *quoting you* see? That's being mean.

  6. WELL you don't have to be mean to me QQ, and I don't want her to hate me either~ So ;-; leave me aloneeeeeeeeeeeeoeoeoeoeoeoer

  7. Ahhh shit failed lmfao, MEAN BITCH! Why you all getting Ninar vs me? I'M INNOCENT!

  8. Omfg? What kind of bs is this? I get GANG RAPED an I AM the bad guy? There is a plot vs me here, I can feel it... Woman... -.-

  9. That tornado ain't got shit on you Zie, BELIEVE ME. <3

  10. Omg? Did you see what they did to me ._.? They ganged my priest with 6 paladins, It was all Lex and gang doing.

  11. I'm really addicted to Blackholes and Revelations Album lol, though I like the Absolution one too, I think those are my favourite albums from them.

  12. Using thana in IP [1] is not actually the proper way to use thana, Thana= IP anyways so using it this way wouldn't be as smart lol, IP [1] w/ Hydra OR TG would be the perfect choice (VRand is better too)
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