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  1. Just Patch Sakra , if you cant do so try this.... http://files.filefront.com/Sakupexe/;8553600;/fileinfo.html and put it in the Gathering ro folder
  2. Well people overlook clowns alot , but watch them in woe and they get ganked like a mofo... First your gonna need the typical pvp stuff.. ~Equips~ --Marc/evil druid armor , GR armor , Tao if ya got it and well its ok i guess.. I personally like GR (also for EDP sinx use Poison armor not Evildruid) --+10 Violin [4] , you can do either 3hydra 1 skel worker for pvp , or 2 TG , 1 Valk Ran , 1 Thana if rich... Status violin , go curse , less you see luck people (crit sins) Poison is da bomb , smack em!! --Shield go for valk shields with either thara frog or GTB ( if gtb dump your ring of reson it wont effect you) --Immune is ok for a shoulder but if you got sinx thats always fun... --HP boots such as Green/Fleged/Sliph(god) --Bow wise , wich is just as good , some people you dont want them to hit you , like Sinx.. Compo [4] same cards as your violin[4] --I would do one ring of resonence , its defensive skills only , asupt , quag , tele (if you can tele) other go for getting yor dex at an even 5 or 10 , use orleens + zerom --Headgear go for dex+ a marduk , or maya p , or both Kiel is nice to spam Tarot , if you really want an ubah clown and have cash here it is... ~~~( GR + Deviling + GTB + 4 LoD in a Violin & use Music Strike = yumm)~~~ ~~ Also its nice to freeze and spam tarot, back off.. Freeze+Tarot , rinse and repeat till coma )) ~Skills~ --Frostjoker ( you can edit what it says in your data folder ba.frostjoker.txt ) --Arrow repell ( cept in woe = no knockback) --If your guilded/partied with a pally get max vit and use apple , that makes sac pallys very happy ~most with a tao will have 3m hp (600-800K sacs) --Tarot Card , use it after freeze from joker = Yummy --Emsemble songs are ok , but more for fun.. cept Loki's= no skill use in area ~Stats~ --I went 200dex , agli till 195 speed , max vit , rest str ( to carrie ygg/giggleings ) --"if" you want to help the casters out get Poem (but youll need int for the after cast delay bonuses) --"if" you dont pvp/woe , you should, nobody wants to play bard/clown but they are always wanted ~Leveling~ --Base 1-20 :: prt_fild00 (kill a poring) Dex dex and more dex... --Base 20-50 :: prt_maze02 (kill poporing) (DS big foot) dex dex dex... --Base 50-100/120 :: lou_fild01 (DS kill mi gaos w/ fire arrows till lvl 100-120ish) --Base 100/120-254 :: thor_v01/03 (DS thor_v01 till Agli=140 & Dex=150+ then head to v03) ~Builds~ HP buffer = Vit (Apple) Faster Cast / After Cast = Dex / Int (Poem) Faster Attack = Agli (Sinx Sunset) worthless most to all melee have 195 already..(cap) (( You can twist 2 songs for pre-emp , easy way is to equip a 1 hander other then instrment-- switch back and use other skill..,.,. I would twist Poem+Apple )) ~Have fun~ --This is prity much just an archer with style.... get that dex up , dont be afraid to use a bow.. stick with people to help you in woe/pvp , alone your dead..
  3. I'm just here to clarify things on your storage thief topic. The other two are from my guild, we got disbanded at the time and are rebuilding now. And they did not have a hand in it. That XoxyGen guy looted our gstorage as well. ><

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