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  1. lol... true... but i kinda have been having an urge to come back to gRO, but if i did come back, iono wat i'd do, cuz i sucks in PvP...

  2. It's because I never knew who you're ingame. xD

  3. and where am i on the winners list?! D: u got locke, skip, forky, and tama, but no meee?!

  4. haha, not entirely, i came back just to see if i can find a pic of the old Final Boss emblem.... but i couldn't so i just dropped by and posted something.

  5. Haha yeah I will come back and annoy the forums sometimes <3 But on my other forum name with a proxy of course. You'll know it's me because I use the same font and colour all the time lawl


  7. ur still here LOL. Heya dante!

  8. OI DROMMEN. heya :D

  9. lol, i probably won't get addicted. my life style won't let me get addicted. i spend 10 hrs a day at school, so spending my life playing games is out of the question. lol

  10. Haha, oh shit. WoW? You'll probably disappear into addiction like all my other friends did. We won't see you in a couple years. Anyway, yeah. There's always a spot in JZH for you. (Or ARE YOU boring? lol jk.)

  11. Give it a couple weeks. lol. i'm deciding to try out a private WoW server, because I'm getting desperate. instant lvl 70 = pwnage. and i like to pwn whenever i can, so why not pwn as soon as i log into it? lol.I'll probably eventually stick one of my chars in jzh. seeing as how I'm just a bored person. (not boring. definately not.)

  12. Lmao, I took care of it. I mean; at least I didn't sell anything? Haha. Knew you were going to come back, though. Seeing as how this server pwns. Good luck with your new guild, too. You're also welcome to re-join JZH at any time, if you get bored enough.

  13. i think you're honestly better off buying a kettle if you want one. this quest takes FOREVER for a damn kettle, which pretty much fails if your opponent is well equipped, however, the extra damage is always good
  14. glad to see you took "such good care" of my shit. xD anywho, I'm back in business, starting my own guild, and woeing with Apocalypse. Hopefully, this will be better than how it was before i "quitz" lol.

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