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  1. what i wouldn't give, to re-live the old days and say "hi" once more

  2. hey spiffy how u been?? its been ages right. sorry i didnt reply soon....

    whats life been for you?? want to chat on msn?

  3. Hi Yui! I was looking back at the past screenies and I missed you :-P.

  4. where is you Q_Q

  5. omg you bum.. you knew you weren't jen and you never told me!

  6. AKIN !!!!!!! -ubber hug- omg ur back in gro ?? when did this happen??

    i might join back lol

  7. I forgot to msg you here.


  8. :DD *hugs hair*

  9. i'm that old D:<

  10. Haberday = Happy Birthday o_o

  11. Happy Birthday (:

  12. your an 90k year old myth

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